Taking less milk

Ds is now 9+4 and has suddenly started taking less milk. Since deciding enough was enough with trying to bfeed at 6weeks he has been mix bottlefed, he was having more than half his daily intake ebm and taking 950-1050mls per day over 6or7 120-180ml feeds, as my supply's increased his total intake has dropped to 800-900mls having 6 120-180ml feeds which I put down to having more ff that was filling him up more. He's now only having one bottle of ebm a day and over the weekend has dropped down to 5-6 feeds only having 750-800mls in total but he's having significantly smaller feeds throughout the day, especially in the mornings. He'll only have 90-100mls then get whingy and upset, which normally means he needs burping but then he refuses to take anymore. I tried a size 2 teat for the first time last night and he quite happily guzzled the whole 180mls, but this morning he was dribbling milk out everywhere and got upset so changed back over to the size1 and he drank quite happily but would only have 90mls.
Has anyone elses lo done this? xx
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