FAO PTB (or anyone else in Basingstoke)

hi, just a quick qu....just wondered if you have ever been to the basingstoke aquadrome pool? we want to take the girls swimming on the weekend but want somewhere different to go and it sounded quite good here, but ive jus googled it and some bad reviews came up saying it was really dirty and cold but they were written in 2008. i dont want to go and it be a waste of time and money, but i dont know anyone who has been to this one....thanks in advance. (oh btw im taking a 5yr old and 23mth old) xxx :\)


  • Hello!

    I've never been to the Aquadrome myself (I usually go to Tadley because they have a baby session where the floor slopes) but have only ever heard good things about it recently - from my childminder and friends locally.

    So I can't recommend it personally but bases on what people I know say, I would go myself!

    If you do go, would you mind giving me your opinion? Now I have the two girls I can't really go on my own in the week but am trying to persuade hubby to come with us at the weekend! Thanks! :\)
  • thanks hun for letting me know....if we end up going i will let u know what its like. xxxx

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