Anyone got a wooden or plastic garden playhouse for their lo? Where did you get it from, is it any good? Do you store toys in it or do they play in it?

I've seen one in Argo (link to follow). Hopefully Charlotte will be walking by summer, and my sister has lo's (will be 2 & 4 in summer) so would like something nice for them to play in etc when they come round.

Do you have to put wooden ph's on slabs as ours would go on grass at the end of the garden. Plus we don't have a very big garden (typical with a new build house).

Sorry for all the questions, just after advice!

Here's the link:|category_root|Garden+and+DIY|12107492/c_2/2|cat_12107492|Sheds+and+garden+buildings|12107631/c_3/3|cat_12107631|Playhouses|12107636.htm

Thanks xx


  • That is gorgeous! I want one! When I was younger we had a huge wendy house it was great, it was the size of my lounge now. Wish we could have one built for Riley but our garden isnt that big and is overlooked by our awful neighbours. xxx
  • Its beautiful hun!! We got ours from god old Woolies last year! Was only 40 quid! It is a plastic one too. They love it, its bright pink!! Tho obviously you wont be able to get it ne more ;(
  • that one you are looking at is lovely. We were very lucky and got given a plyhouse by my mums neighbours erin loves it, here is a lil pic :

  • I think you have to paint it, it doesn't come in those colours but I can do that easy enough. Just nip to B&Q!
    It is a little expensive but can't find any other really nice ones. The plastic ones are good but they don't seem to have windows in and would like to store garden toys in it like sandpit.
  • Hi hun I have one in my front room until we clear our garden. We are very very lucky to have a large garden but needs some work doing before we put the kids things out there. I got mine from the studio catalgue and with delivery was ??90. It is plastic and very easy to put together and also take up and down if needed. It hasnt got a floor but we are building a patio area where it will go and putting the foam flooring down for when the kids go in it. I have seen a similar one in Wilkinsons and I think it was around ??60- - ??70. I will try and post a link of it in my front room with my lil girl asleep in it. I do put there toys in it and they also have there own settee and kitchen set in there...


  • Ahh how cute xx
    Thanks for that
  • hey hun my oh mum and dad brought my lo a playhouse for the garden but we havent got it up yet as we are turfing it at the mo but its from toys r us and they have quite alot of range up there. We have been to show her it and we had to drag her out of it lol! Also at toys r us they do plastic holey mats that you put over the turf and they are about ??20 each i think so no need to deck your garden. Hope this helps she should love it xx
  • Thank you - I'll look at Toys r Us and those holey mates for the turf xx
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