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my lo is 11 weeks old and is so hungary all the time. yesterday she was taking 3 1/3oz every 2 hours. and today she has only gone more than 3 hours once. she started like this last week so i started to wean her onto sma white for hungrier babies. with one bottle a day and one scoop in each feed, eg 5 oz bottle made up of 4 sma gold and 1 sma white. the sma has made her sick so i have had to take her off it and stick to the sma gold.

she isnt thirsty as io have offered her water and she spits it out and cries harder. she has never had a dummy, as while she was in special care she never looked for one or needed one so they didnt give it to her. when i have tried to give her a dummy to help her go longer she gets really upset when she realises that there is no milk coming through it and cries even more.

i just dont know how to satusfy her hunger. hv agreed that she isnt going to wait until 6 months for solids and to try the sma white. but there is another 5 weeks until i can give her food.

any help will be greatfully recieved


  • hi honey!!

    if honest, when i changed mine to hungrier baby milk, i just changed full stop. i kept a little of the first milk just in case they objected, but if they were that hungry, they just took it no arguing! it was the same with my last changing to cows milk at 1, but my other 2 did take a couple of days - but then they were fully weaned so it didnt matter then for nutritional value the same!

    i wouldnt wean her until your HV suggests it - the guidelines are only before 6 months if advised to.
  • she has said that she will need to be weaned early. i cant go on giving her the sma white as it makes her really sick. poor little thing is constantly hungry, and gets so upset
  • have you tried a different 2nd milk? we had probs with joseph with constipation so tried a couple different follow ons and eventually settled with cow and gate 2nd milk with no probs. i know the weaning "guidelines " say 6 months but we had the same prob with joseph as you have and he was weaned at four months only on baby rice at tea time but it really helped settle him. i did speak to hv about it first who said it was fine then i just increased his food slowly. cant you increase the amount in one feed or will she only take 3oz? x
  • she takes nearly 4 oz every 4 hours or at least she did. she is now taking the same amount but every 2 hours or so. so its not a case of little often its the same just more often.

    she now weighs 8lb 11oz so still little.

    with prems they are treated the same as other babies at their actaul age. ideally you should wait with them but that wouldf make her 8 months old which would be too old as this can cause more issues with food.

  • hayley she will only take around 3-4 oz and blankly refuses anymore. she isnt the type of baby to take take food, she know when she is full. i have treid to make her (not force feeding her) take more but she will heave, gets reaslly upset or just spits the extra out without swallowing
  • How long has she been doing this, love? Could it just be a growth spurt? I've heard the 3 month spurt can last a little while... Other that that I'm a little stumped and I'd get your HV back on the case
  • I would just carry on with it. If she's having a growth spurt then she is developing well and needing lots of food to help her body and brain grow, so it is totally normal....sorry.

    She will settle down soon, promise!! x
  • katie what a cute pic!!!! kar she is still little aint she bless her. i agree carry on with what you doin hun she needs to feed that often by sounds of it and follow advice of hv re weaning with her being prem it is hard i remember with my son hope she settles soon xx
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