little help please!!! (TMI) UPDATED :(

I'm having a huge bleed!!!!!!
All was fine when i got up this morning, but a couple of hours ago i stood up after feeding Bella and felt a gush! My 1st thought was oh my god i've wet myself, how embarrassing, but when i got to the bathroom i realised it was bright red blood, really watery and lots of it, it had soaked through my clothes almost down to my knees, and i could hear it splashing in to the loo while i was sitting there.
I cleaned myself up and put a pad on, and about an hour ago i decided to get in the bath because i was starting to get really bad crampy pains in my stomach and back. While in there i lost a huge, and i mean huge clot (sorry this is really yuk) probably about half the size of the top of a coke can, it was red and brown with like white stringy bits in it? And lots of stringy bits coming off it too. I'm still really heavy now and losing clots, not as big as the first one.
Is this normal??? I've not had a period since Bella was 5 weeks old, she's now 16 weeks but i'm BF so thought that was normal, i wasnt expecting to have regular periods, but also wasnt expecting to lose so much blood if i did have one! My periods usually are quite light, no clots or pain, so this is pretty horrendous for me!

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  • no hun i wouldnt say it was normal i would get hold of a gp if i was u ,losing big clots is not good sorry if i alarm u but i think u should be seen xxx
  • I don't think that sounds normal, clots of that size certainly aren't. Maybe give maternity ward a call (i know your over the time limit) but they're likely to be more help than HV (especially at this time of night). Or head to doctors tomorrow.

    If you feel faint or anything definitely contact someone.
  • thanks hun, i just tried to call my GP but the surgery is closed, theres just an answer machine saying to call NHS direct! Who i know are snowed under and not answering phone due to bloody swine flu! I'm thinking of calling my mum at work, she's a student midwife, but i wanted to make sure i wasnt over reacting first. I think i'll give her a call xx
  • Doesn't sound normal to me either hun. Hope you can get in touch with someone soon xxxx
  • Hey thanks girls, i tried to call my mum but she's not answering, so i called NHS direct and got through pretty quickly, and was passed over to a nurse straight away. She has said it doesnt sound normal, but to put my feet up and have a cold compress on my tummy for an hour, if no improvement or i lose any more big clots then to call out of hours GP or go to A&E, and if not then i need to get an emergency appt with my GP in the morning. She said it sounds like it could possibly be a miscarriage, but more likely just heavy because i've not had a period for a while, but that i need to be seen just to be on safe side. So sitting here with me feet up now, i'll see how it goes. Can still feel it trickling though image
  • Hi girls
    Had an ok noght, not lost any more big clots, jst a few smaller ones, bleeding is still very heavy (i had to keep getting up in the night to change my pad which i never usually have to do)
    I am now home with all the kids, OH has gone out to work with barely a glance in my direction, so i don't really know what else to do! I cant even get through to my surgery as they are experiencing high call volume apparently, and even if i could i don't know how i'm gonna get myself and all 3 kids sorted and down to the surgery, i'm in quite a lot of pain now and feel rough, i guess from the bleeding, so have only just about managed the bare minimum this morning and got their breakfast done!
    I don't know if i'm just taking it to heart, but i'm soooo pi**ed off at OH, i told him what the nurse said last night and he didnt say an awful lot, just told me he'd defrost some milk and feed Bella in the night if i wanted (i said yes please, but he didnt do it) and he's gone out to work this morning without asking how i feel, or if i need any help or anything, and i just tried to call him to see if he could nip back if i do get a dr's appointment, and he's switched his phone off!!!!!
  • Aww hon, so sorry you're feeling crap, and just to echo what the others have said in that its not normal!
    I was losing a lot of blood and clots about 4 weeks after Mj was born and they did a scan and found a large piece of placenta left in so it is important that you get checked out if youre still losing so much blood and some clots.

    Is there no-one else who could have the kids for you for an hour or so? Or at least some of the kids for you and take Bella with you? ( i took MJ with me and because she was there we became top priority for the staff so that baby wasnt waiting too long )

    Not sure what to say about OH. :roll:

  • Ohi have a few things to say about OH, but it could get my post removed!!!!! I left him a very snotty voicemail, after finally getting through to my GP and being given a sit and wait type appointment at the end of morning clinic, and he has just TEXT me, saying chill out, i'll nip home for 20 minutes while you go.
    Chill out???!!
    I'm just really worried now, i am somewhat guilty of thinking BF would stop me from getting pregnant so havent really been very careful at all, so although its more likely its just a bad period, i keep thinking what if you know? xx
  • take care hun, let us know how you get on
  • I'm sorry hun i does sound like a miscarrage to me image
    I hope you are ok.
    Men can be so insensertive!!
    xx xx
  • I hope everything went ok at the drs yesterday???!!!

  • Hi girls
    Well, went to see dr yesterday, told him everything that had been going on, he examined me and said he thinks possibly i've had a very early miscarriage, so he wrote up some blood test forms and told me to have one that day and one on friday to see whats going on with hormone levels and to make sure i've not lost too much blood. He said i could do a home pregnancy test in the meantime and to call back if it was positive as that could signify an ectopic pregnancy and would need immediate treatment.
    Obviously i was upset so i got home and told OH what dr had said and said i thought i should go get a test just to be on the safe side, to which he replied could i please hurry up as he needs to get back to work!!! I didnt really know what to say to that so i told him to bugger off back to his precious job and i'd deal with it all myself. So i then had to traipse myself and all the kids to the chemist for a test and then to hospital for the blood test. The test came back negative thankfully (i think) so now just waiting on blood test results to see whats going on.
    I feel really sad and bloody livid all at the same time. He came home from work last night with a bunch of flowers which i threw in the garden, complete with vase, and he slept on sofa last night. We split up last year because i felt he was putting everything before me, he promised me he'd change but has just proved that he hasnt. I'm just so angry with him that i feel like telling him to pack his things and go, but i am trying to wait until i've calmed down in case i end up saying something i regret.
    Bleeding is still really heavy and painful too image
  • awww so sorry about things your oh has a bloody nerve, big hugs xxxx
  • Hey, he said to take ibuprofen, i'm a bit reluctant to though as thought you couldnt while breastfeeding? He really does need a kick. He's apologised now and said he realises it was insensitive, but it doesnt change the fact that the first thing he thought of was holding the other guy up at work rather than what i needed! xxx
  • Men are useless about things like this, they don't understand at all!!!

    Hope the blood test comes back OK xxxx
  • Ibuprofen while breastfeeding is OK. It's only during the last three months of pregnancy as it can cause early birth but you don't need to worry about that.
    Hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds horrible.
  • thanks brookesmummy, I'll take a couple now then and will hopefully be able to get some sleep!
  • oh sorry to hear everything is so pants- hopes it's sorted soon!
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