help needed.

So last night I bathed Jacob, and then gave him his bottle as normal, and he point blank refused it. He barely took 2 ounce's, (which is unusal as he normally takes 8!!)

So put him to bed anywya and he fed again at 12 and then at 5 and finished about 7 z's.

Then today at his normal morning feed he refused it, and again, tried feeding him at lunch and still he wont take it...

What should I do? He is full on teething at the mo, constantly drooling and shoving anything into his mouth,

I need some advice!!! Any suggestions?

Staceylou and Jacob
15+5 weeks.


  • Have you tried teething powders such as Ashton & Parson's, or bonjela on his gums about 10minutes before his bottle? If his gums are sore, he will be reluctant to suck, and the bonjela should help. If he's really bad you could always try a small dose of paracetamol, or neurofen if needs be. Hope it doesn't last too long xx
  • yes tried the teething gel, isnt really working. will try asmalldose of paracetamol

  • Hey

    Have you tried adjusting the temperature of the milk? When Arthur was teething we found that the warmer the milk the less he would drink as the heat would irritate his gums.
    We give it to him at room temperature and this helps with the swelling too!

    Hope this helps hunni!
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