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wondering if anyone else has any experience of this, my boy is five weeks old, yesterday i could tell that he was not quite himself, slept a lot more than usual and just a bit grumpy in general, then throughout the night he has woke every two hours for a feed but when i have tried to feed him he has a tiny bit then refuses any more, he is bottle fed, taking only around two ounces at each feed in the night,

however this morning he has only had one ounce since 5 oclock and refuses to take anymore, i have got him in the doctors later but they wont see him until 11.40, i have also noticed that he is a little snuffly,

should i be worried??? will he be ok until 11.40 if he is refusing to eat, worried he will dehydrate??

thank you.xx

Thank you for you replies, Just got back from the doctors with Freddie and the doctor says he has a sore throat, my poor boy, he has give him calpol, having a little cry for him, silly i know but he is so small, glad it is something minor though, doctor says it is nothing to worry about, but you cant help it when they arte so little can you.x

Thanks again
Hayley & Freddie

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  • It could just be that he's getting a cold and feeling a bitoff, but because of how hot it is I'd ring your health visitor and get them to take a look at him. My son had jaundice, which made him sleepy so he couldn't feed, but its a vicious cycle as the jaundice made him too sleepy to feed, and the lack of food made him even more sleepy.... Get in touch with the health visitor, they can keep an eye on him and may be able to suggest something. We had to wake our lo up with cold flannels to get him to take food. Because he's not eating though I'd suggest offering him feeds more often than his normal feeds - every couple of hours, to try and get some milk into him until you can see the health visitor.

    Good luck hon xxx
  • Sorry not much experience but just wanted to say hope he gets better soon. It's horrible when they aren't themselves.

    Has he still been having wet nappies? I'm sure the doctor will put your mind at ease.

    H x
  • Thank you for your repies,

    Yes he has had a couple of wet nappies this morning, so thats good.

    The health visitor is due to come out today anyway at one thirty.

    Just worried about him, roll on 11.40 when i can get him to the doctors.

    Hayley & Freddie
  • Does he look blue-ish at all? x
  • no, he doesnt look blue, just pale.xx
  • no, he doesnt look blue, just pale.xx
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