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I'm currently on maternity leave - My lo is 7 months. We would love to have another lbaby as soon as possible so they can grow up together. I can then also look to continue with my career. I am due to return to work in March (taking full year off) Does anyone know how long I need to be back at work before having another baby to be able to have full maternity pay again? Is this different for every company? I've just tried to 'google' it but not having much luck and I don't think its the kind of question I should be ringing work about as I'm just applying for flexible hours when I return!!!

Thanks Ladies


  • for our LEA you have to of done 26weeks continuosly to get mat pay.
  • Does the 26 weeks include while on this maternity leave as I am technically still employed by them? I've worked for them for 10 years
    How very confusing!!!
  • You will be entiltled to maternity pay as you are still employed. The thing to be careful of is how they work out your 'average' pay. SMP is (I think) 6 weeks at 90% of full pay, then the rest at ??120ish a week. My works maternity pay was 8 weeks full pay, then 20-sonehting weeks half pay plus SMP etc. Your 'full pay' amount will usually be determined in a 'qualifying period' at a certain point in your pregnancy, your HR department should be able to confirm when that is - sorry for waffling, but what I'm tyring to say is be careful that the qulaifying period doesn't fall in the unpaid part of your maternity leave (or even just the standard SMP part) or you'll end up with much less maternity pay than if you're back at work for that period.
  • sorry for gatecrashing.....but basically say you go back to work after 12 months - 5 months pregnant again you could start claiming the ??120 odd from 11 weeks before your due date? So would only have to work for a couple of weeks again?
  • Thinking about it too MGMummy!!

    I'm in the process on requesting flexible working hours when go back in March but would love to start trying for number 2 asap. Don't feel I can ring HR about this as might go against me even though technically it shouldn't, This time round I got 10 weeks full pay then smp at ??120 ish per week up till 9 months then nothing for remainder of mat leave. Just want to know how long I have to be back to get same benefit. I'm going to have to find someone at work to do some detective work for me!!!
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