Callum saves the day!!!!

Ok so i've had a pretty shocking day. Callum is a difficult child and has never slept thru the night at 8 1/2mths but has been particularly bad lately meaning that he is extra grouchy and difficult the next day and i am also exhausted which doesn't make for a great partnership - screams unless i am carrying him around etc. Anyway so today is a bad day. I have recently been made redundant whilst on maternity leave so made an appointment at the job centre this afternoon which i was dreading - have been working in financial services in the City for years so really hard for me. I was getting dressed and thinking how much weight i've put on and just can't shif and how different i am nowt, Callum being awful and not letting me get ready and just feeling at a really low ebb. I've also ben trying really hard to help his development but without success. I saw a post on here recently about what 7/8/9 mths old s were doing which worried me as mentioned to the girls that came to the London meet as he seems quite behind so i've been trying really hard but not getting anywhere which is depressing.

So i'm in the job centre signing on, feeling pretty rubbish about love, life and the universe and i get up to leave with Callum on the verge of tears and out of nowhere HE STARTS WAVING BYE BYE TO THE WHOLE JOB CENTRE!!! It made me smile soooooo much, it was like her knew mummy was sad!!!! bless him, has made me realise i should be grateful for what i have.

Anyway, just wanted to share x x x:lol::lol:


  • Ahhh love sorry you have been feeling so low about it all! You know they will just do it when they are ready - :lol: to little to be reading BE to see what there peers can and can not do (un-like us!) . Like I said before bet he has burst where he starts doing loads at once! How lovely that he can wave! How sweet! image I know it's hard them wantting to be carried all the time/or being clingy but just think he loves you THAT much and wants to show you.. :lol: all the time! :lol: I'm sure he won't still be doing that at 18! He is an adorable little boy - sits well plays well bright as a button - likes to sit back and take notice of everything that's going on - so that's a diffrent type of learning emotional/logical/friendships/relationships/pyscilogial (sp) and just because he can't talk atm you can't see all that happening so it feels like a lot less! Job Centres are really depressing at the best of times :lol: so not surprised you felt a bit pants - & see HE MUST of KNOWN that's showing all the learning he must really be doing! image x
  • Ah thanks babe, that's really sweet and yeah i do feel better that he's made a little step. You were right that he will just do things all of a sudden, i didn't even ask him to do it today. It is tough sometimes but you are right he is learning and they have the ability to make you smile so much x x
  • hello luv, callum is a lovely and wonderful boy. he's got such miracolous smiles and so gorgeous, they all hit their milestones at different stages whenever they are ready.
    also he's a boy they are always slower than girls and if he senses your stress he may pick up on them and not concentrate on his development so girl forget your worries about callum his just fine and look forward to hitting the milestones.
    sorry to hear about ur financial situation, pray something good comes out of the situation.
    neway am here for you whenever u need a shoulder to cry on, or just wanna chat.
  • that's really such a nice post!! bless his little heart what a sweet and clever boy! it really must have made your day!

    there are times when we feel we can't live with them, when they are having tantrums or not eating or sleeping - but we sure as hell couldn't live without them could we!!
  • Well done Callum for brightening up your day. Its amazing how they can be so trying so much but then do something that others might think is a small gesture but that melts our hearts.

    When he was some where around 12 weeks I had a really tough day with Nathan, to the point where oh booked us into a hotel and arranged for pil's to have him and Lauren overnight so we (mainly me) could have a break. We all went for dinner just before and I was changing him in the loo;s when he started to kick off again. I picked him up and started "booing" him in the mirror (willy out and everything) when I accidently bumped his head in it. He laughed so much, his very first laugh to. I carried on bumping him and we had a brilliant 5 mins, with people walking in and out and me totally ignoring them because he was laughing so much, we must have looked crazy. Even now I feel like he did it especially then because he knew mummy was a bit sad. :\) .
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