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Just wondered where you have found the nicest ones as I am really p***ed off with Tesco's, I have been in twice to the baby changing room there and both times they have had no nappies or wetwipes and have been dirty, I know i should take a change bag with me really but i have quite enough to lug about and keep an eye on and little hands to watch or we will have anything and everything off the shelves.
Asda near us is really nice always clean and smells good too and always has a good stock of nappies and wipes.
Have also used Mothercare and they were even worse than Tesco for cleanliness, my feet stuck to the floor and i don't even want to think about what made the floor sticky!

Where have been your best and worst?
Just wondered if it was just the Tesco in our area or all of them.


  • Our mothercare changing room was fantastic, really clean bottle warmers ect but no nappies or wipes. Tbh I havent found a changing room that has any! We have a huge shopping centre near us and the changing facilitys in there are terrible, really smelly, stick to the floor, not nice at all.
  • my local tesco is awful, mothercare too and asda not great actually and have to say, none of my local ones supply nappies or wipes...
  • Just to let you know, ASDA will supply wipes and nappies if you ask. They don't always keep them in the changing rooms because people help themselves to the lot and take them home! (OH is a manager for ASDA) Might be worth asking at Tesco as maybe they have a similar policy?
  • At least your tescos have baby changing rooms! We only have tesco metros and they don't have any! I have to say that I don't expect shops to stock freebie nappies in the changing rooms though.. and I was really surprised to find them in mothercare!

    Our local boots one is ok but it has been really smelly lately, and the changing mat is really manky so I've stopped going in there.

    Any that have a toilet in them get my vote! The one in the market is a huge room with a private bf-ing room (haven't looked in that bit of it) and it has a toilet, but you can't lock the room door and the toilet isn't big enough to fit a pushchair in which isn't that helpful!

    I was most impressed with an m&s one which had a toilet and one of those toddler chairs with straps as well as sink. THe mothercare one is nice with comfy seats and stuff.. but again no room in the toilet for a pushchair!

    I'm easily pleased with changing rooms.. clean, enough room for pushchair and a toilet.. thats all I need!
  • I agree the marks and spencer ones seem nice and yep it is important to have room to take buggy in loo with you.
    Most supermarkets have a policy to provide nappies and wipes, our tesco is meant to but they are so useless that the cupboard they stock up from is left unlocked and tbh it looked as if someone had raided it because there was pretty much just wrappers left.
    If they don't provide stuff it is fine with me but it does bug me when they say they provide it and then don't, also Tesco are meant to be all for mums and babies with their baby club but that was crap too, i applied just before lo was born and didn't get my pack until she was over 6 months and it was then too late to get free gift as lo had to be a certain age!
    The baby changing facilities in one place i went consisted of a portacabin and something that looked like a wallpaper table and not much light, it was a bit of a daredevil change as i couldn't exactly see what suprises the nappy held lol!

    I worked in our local Safeway years ago and the changing rooms were checked every 30 mins, cleaned and restocked.
  • ive yet to find a baby changing room that actualy supples the nappies and wipes, many of them say they do but whenever i go in there isnt any!! the worst changing room ive been in is in bhs, the nappy bin was full and spilling over and it stunk and it was really dirty, i walked in and walked straight back out again, i ended up changing tegan in the car. the best one i have been in is m&s its lovely in there, always clean and refreshed x
  • I haven't used the Tesco ones. I have never been in one that supplies nappies or wipes. M&S is good and so is Sainsbury. Debenhams actually have a separate one as well from the toilet and it is a bf room to which is handy for Mothers who bf. The shopping centre in town was actually quite clean when I went to it last week. I was quite surprised. I usually put my own changing mat down on their changing mats anyway because I am not being bad but you don't know who has lay on them. That might sound cheeky but I don't mean it that way.
  • my fave are at the Trafford Centre and also John Lewis have a little water dispenser n everything ha ha. Worst was our local Sainsburys as so small couldn't even fit the buggy in.
  • my john lewis is quite good too, has bottle warmers and water dispenser, bf room. huge toilet with loads of room for buggy. last week i went into bhs to use baby change and there was one of the cleaners sat in there on his phone i was not amused! but the WORST was macdonalds in reading it was gross! POO all over toilet seat and stuff! i wouldnt of put my cat in there ide rather leave harri with i pooy bum than use a palce like that! xx
  • You all have some pretty horrible stories experiences!
    I'm quite lucky, I live near the centre of town so usually don't need to change Max when we're out. Although once I had to use BHS baby changing and could just about squeeze buggy in.
    I was very impressed with adsa, though! It had lots of room, separate toilet, and a baby feeding room as well. Don't know if it stocked nappies etc cos i didn't even know these places supplied them! :roll: duh!
  • I totally agree with most of you. I havent tried Tesco but ive heard our local store is dreadful! The mothercare is just disgusting! The nappy bins are constantly full i even went in there one day and someone had left tissue towel on the changing bit which was drenched in urine!! (you could smell it was urine!) So I went and complained! Ive only been in one place that provided nappies and then they were just chucked on the floor in a basket along with baby toilet seat thingys and again that was a mothercare... I think its an absolute disgrace!!
  • The last changing rom was in Asda - I was not impressed that there was nowhere to put my changing bag apart from on the nappy bin, which in turn made the handdryer go off every time I went near it and scared Morgana to death and she ended up screaming the place down.
  • Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one with my own changing mat that I put down (unless by some miracle the paper liner dispenser is full!). You just never know what mingy person has changed a dirty nappy and not wiped up after themselves. The one time COle ended up peeing all over the changing station we did wipe up but I'm sure not everyone does!
  • i carry my own mat and also i like those pampers disposable change mats so sometime you them too. once at the pool i got someone elses baby poo on me were they hadnt cleaned it up. luckily didnt get any on harri tho! x
  • Ooh Sunnymum that sounds horrible getting poo on you. It makes you wonder how clean some people are at home with their babies. I've got some Huggies disp changing mats that are good and always use them.
  • i actually put my toweldown on it then dried my back with the towel hence smearing poo all over my back!!! and it definatly wasnt harri coz there was no poo on his bum or in his nappy! there are some dirty buggers out there!
  • Hi, I liver in Crewe, Cheshire & the best we have is in Costa Coffee - it is fab & doubles as the disabled toilet so you can fit a huge travel system in there change the baby & if you need the loo you don't have to leave your baby outside!
    Our ASDA is clean but basic (no loo in their though) & our Mothercare one is the worst I've seen so far...mainly because it always seems to stink & it gets very hot (I sweated when I went in there to BF), I'm not surprised it's bad as the majority of the store staff are vacant!
    McDonalds is just a worktop space & the whole state of the town centre one has gone downhill in cleanliness, I used to work there as a student & never let it get that bad, they even had no loo roll & had put napkins out to use instead!
    You've made me want to go & inspect all the ones in town now...I'll have to report back when I'm done!
    I never realised some places give nappies & wipes - if they left them out anywhere in Crewe they would be swiped by someone straight away!

  • Hi actually work for tesco and although the toilets in our branch are cleaned regularly the customers totally trash them - they flood then - dont flush them and even leave pregnancy tests lying around them. The baby changing room is locked and only opened by a member of staff when required and if you ask for a nappy and wipes and customer service they will provide them.
  • Its such a shame isn't it when a few scummy people spoil it for the rest of us nice people who clean up after our lo's.

    I have the disposable changing mats too... I use them as an extra mat extention when I'm changing lo at other peoples houses.. I know baby pee cleans up pretty easily but some people get really nervous at the thought of getting a bit of pee on their carpets! My ex even made me take lo upstairs to change him cause he was fussing over his new carpets! Can't complain too much about the ex though cause he means well and was the first one to send a congrats card when lo was born!
  • Asda near us has always been nice and clean and does supply nappies and wipes (amazingly they always seem to have them so asume they don't get nicked!)
    As i said i don't mind if they don't supply stuff just wish they didn't say they did then not bother.
    As for not cleaning up if you make a mess i think that is so gross, how would those mingers like taking their lo into a poo ridden place, bet they would be the first to kick off!
    The only thing i like about our Tesco's one is they have a big mirror that lo can look in and it is one of the only things that will keep my lo still, normally i am trying to do the nappy up on a moving target lol!
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