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Hi, was just wondering did i meet you at meadowhall with princessjane and becki?? when we were all pregnant?? I'm too suffering with the colic with max he is nearly 7 weeks now and things are improving, still has really bad days though. I have had him checked for lactose/milk intolerance and he is ok, had him at dr's loads and a&e wprried sick there was something wrong with him, he was screaming on average most of the day and night. I tried colief drops, infacol, gripe water, different milk's different bottles everything. He is now on dr brown bottles which are helping with his feeding, cos he screamed when he fed but thats calmed down with the bottles. I also was giving him calpol from 5 weeks and i spoke to dr bout it cos they gave it him at a&e and they reasured me it was ok to use just only in the most severe case i needed to. Like i say though things are gradually getting better, touch wood! I know how you feel though, maybe you should get her checked for intolerances just in case there is anything bothering her. Anyway just wanna let you know your not alone if you wana chat on msn my address is [email protected]


  • Hi Sara1984

    I am from Wales, so I have not met you before. Your LO is the same age as Brooke, she has suffered bady from colic since she was about a week old (she was born by caesarian, and was very mucusy for quite a while after) I breastfed her for a month, and now feed her SMA Gold.

    But she screams and it can be very hard sometimes listening to her scream as there is not much you can do to help them. She currently has infacol every feed, but I have not tried Colief or Gripe Water (will have to get some). She has improved a lot since she was born, but the colic is still there.

    I have not thought about getting her checked out for intolerances, I must admit though, she is sick on nearly every feed, and has been since birth, sometimes she brings up quite a bit, I did mention this to HV and the midwife after she was born, and they assured me it was normal.


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