Rant about jabs!

My lo is nearly 23 weeks old and we are waiting for the 3rd lot of jabs.
I remember being told by the midwife and hv that it wasn't so important when the jabs were started as long as there were only 4 weeks between each lot, so after the first lot i was a little concerned that i had a 6 weeks wait for the second lot but was told there were backlogs but the next lot should be on time, we had them done over 7 weeks ago now and after phoning today i was told i was on the list but it could be another 2 to 4 weeks before they even send the letter out, i then called my gp surgery to ask them and they said i can't book through them
Has anyone else had the same problem and how important is it that they are close together?


  • Hi I had problems with getting my lo jabs too.I didn't get a letter and kept ringing the docs who told me the clinics were all booked up.

    In the end my lo was over 10 wks when she had her 1st lot and then I got a letter telling me to take her for the next ones a week later.(i didn't).I couldn't get the 2nd ones done at the baby clinic times so after complaining to the receptionist I got an appointment with the nurse on a normal day.
    All her jabs were done late and it worried me sick at the time they just said they were having trouble getting all the letters out!!.You would think things like this are so important not to muck them up!!!!!

    I'm sorry I don't know about the time between them - could you ring the hv maybe and ask them?.My lo did go a bit longer between each jabs but not as long as you are having to wait.!!Can they not fit you in just with the nurse on another day.It makes you so angry doesn't it.:x
  • my jabs were booked straight away from the nurse after she did my son's first jabs.they were all done straight away at 8,12 and 16 weeks.i would ask the health visitor about it my health visitor is really nic and will help me.so where abouts are you in the country?
  • I am in Wiltshire.
    The hv does not have anything to do with the booking unfortunately, the jabs are done by a nurse at doctors surgery but have to call Bath hospital ref booking, it's no wonder it's such a cock up when it is run from god knows how many different places!
    I said to both the people i spoke to about it being important they were only 4 weeks apart and just got told it was not an ideal world!
  • We had to cancel Kades second lot of jabs because he had a cold and we didn't want to risk anything but I remember asking the hv if it mattered about the time in between and she said it wasn't a problem. We got the chance to get him in about 2 weeks later but she didn't seem concerned if it was then or the next available appointment a lot later down the line.
    Why does there always have to be conflicting advice??
  • I know what you mean! Ethans jabs were all on schedule but Eve's second and third lot were all late. And recently I got a letter to take her for a booster, did so, only to be told by the nurse that it was a mistake and that it should have been Ethans app because it was a catch-up programme for the kids who had missed the new pneumoccocal jab!! She assured me that she would make a note on Eves records, but 2 weeks later I got a letter to take Eve for the same jab, and am still waiting fot Ethans app letter to arrive! I know both names start with 'E', but PLEASE!! :roll: x
  • im still waiting for fins 3rd lot they are really running late in my area i had to ring up for his second lot and guessing i will have to do the same this time too
  • Hi my daughter had her 3rd set of jabs yesterday and she was 16 weeks and 4 days. We have had no problems at all with her appointments. She had the 1st at 8 weeks, 2nd at 12 weeks and 3rd at 16 weeks and it was always the Thursday of that week so there was exactly 4 weeks between each jab. Thats awful that surgerys allow the gap to happen. Obviously it does no harm if they are able to leave them and put them on a waiting list but then they should say that that babies get their jabs at 2, 3 and 4 months if they can't keep to it.
  • As I understand it, 4 weeks is the minimum amount of time between jabs. If it's longer than that, it's not such a big deal. So, as long as there's more than 4 weeks between jabs, it should be fine.
  • Hi my son had is third lot yesterday and is a grumpy little man today they were quite rough and had to give him3 1 in 1 leg and 2 in the othe r he screamed and held his breath and went blue it was horrible, having said that he is 19 weeks and had his first lot at 8 weeks second lot at 13 weeks and this last lot at 19 weeks so a coupl of weeks out and said to hv and she didnt seem to think it mattered about the wait. With my daughter there was no problem with hers but that was 5 yrs ago.
    vikki xx
  • Exactly what Allie said! Don't worry about them being late, the only problems you could get is if they were to give a set early. Just think, if LO is unwell they will give them late.
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