my right boob is very hot to touch and very sore feels full and is painful to feed from. i couldnt lie on that side lst night. im feeling a bit rough too in the night was shivery but red hot all over. never had this before any suggestions? xx


  • Hi hun, sounds exactly like mastitis, I had it when Isaac wsa 5 weeks old. It really sucks, best get to the g.p. and get antibiotics, you will feel better once you start taking them xx
  • hi spoken to hv and she advised feeding etc but to go to gp or call bf hv over weekend to get anti biotics i feel pretty shit at mo and just fed roxie from it which is painful hope it clears up soon xx
  • I had it too hun, 3 times when Ruby was just 2-4 weeks old.
    Buy a cabbage, put it in the fridge for a bit and then put a leaf inside your bra. It really helps, honestly! Also hot and cold alternate flannels and massaging it while feeding - helps to unblock the ducts.
    Antibiotics were the only things that got rid of it for me i am afraid, all three times but I persevered for the sake of Ruby and fed her through the pain,. At times i was crying as she fed but it was sooo worth it in the end as she is still breastfed at 6 months old now.
    Keep going hun, but def gets those tablets.
  • Feed/express through it but get the antibiotics!! I got it when I had finished feeding Lillith but ended up needing 4 courses of antibiotics!! and was due to have surgical intervention if it didn't go because i wasn't feeding her... You'll feel so much better after a few days of tablets!
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