What a crap day!

Well - I've just been made redundant!! :cry:
I've worked there for just over 10 years and today they made me and 15 others redundant! In the whole company there were 80 go but at the dealership where I work - 16 of us lost our jobs.
I'm not overly gutted about the job - just the people I work with! Not to mention the fact that it's 5 weeks till Christmas and I haven't had to have an interview for 12 years as I was headhunted for this job and my last so didn't even have to be interviewed!! I'm going to have to be the new girl all over again at 35 years old!!
The good side is that I get to spend time with my gorgeous little girl while I look for another job!
I knew the luxury car market was on it's arse but I didn't expect so many to be made redundant shortly before we were due to move to a new ??12 million dealership!!
Anyway, sorry it's not baby related but just had to say!


  • Sorry to hear that - what a rubbish time of year for it to happen.

    Good luck with the job hunting!
  • What a nightmare I know I'd really miss the people I work with if I left, not neccessarily the actual work! Good luck with the job hunting-am sure you'll find something even better.
  • What a nightmare happening so close to Xmas. Unfortuntely theres lots of it going on at the mo. I'm a mortgage adviser for LTSB so a bit nervous myself (although not as nervous as I'd be if I worked for HBOS!).
    Hope you find something new soon.
  • Thank you! I know I'll find something else - just not really the ideal time to be doing it!!
    Going to get my cv done tomorrow and hopefully start looking early next week!!
  • Oh Donna I'm so sorry to hear that hun! That really is a shitty hand so close to xmas. I'm sure you will be able to get a new job easy enough and you know what they say, a change is as good as a rest ;\)

    Good luck xx
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