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cribs/cots - do you use bumpers?

Do you use crib/cot bumpers on your crib/cot? I'm unsure of the safety around them as guidance seems to change. I was of the understanding that they can restrict airflow? LO wiggles up her crib during the night and I'm worried she'll bump her head.


  • Hi, yes we do. I got the cheapy bumper from Ikea that tucks just below the mattress. The ties are on the outside of the cot so theres no way he'd be in danger with them.
    I worried because our cotbed has the bars and i would often go upstairs to find him crying with his leg poking out and he couldnt move.
    I think as long as theres no dangly/fussy bits and its secure i dont see a problem x
  • We have always used a bumper. When lo is small, I think the airflow restriction is more related to cot death. James wriggles to the top, and sticks his head in the corner, then has his leg/s through the bars. :lol: I make sure the bottom of it is below the mattress, and the ties are on the outside. Also I would make sure it's collapsable in case lo tries to use it to climb out. So I tie it to the bars instead of the top. x
  • We didn't until this week - LO got her arm wedged between the bars of the cot and the wall and really hurt herself. We nearly ended up at A&E but fortunately she's fine.

    Anyway, the next day I bought an Airwrap bumper.

    I'd read about them from another post on here and I really like it.

    B x
  • I have the airwrap bumper too and would definitely recommend it. I got it from Amazon xx
  • I do! All hail bad mummy alert as my boy is only 5 1/2 months but he rolls around and crawls all over his cot bed now and has a thing about his head touching the top of the cot and won't sleep until his head is pushed against it

    all of these factors mean that he is constantly smaking his head off the sides if the cot!! It's aecurky attached in double knots 3 times on each side and tucked into the matress!!
  • I have always used crib bumpers as we saw many of them being used for safety reasons. Mike moved a lot while in the crib and the bumpers were a great safety net. Since I had been gifted a round crib, I was looking out for that size and shape. I was recommended aBaby, an online store. They have a good collection of crib, cradle and other portable crib bumpers. They even offer custom made crib bumpers. They have organic ones as well as vinyl ones, for easy wash; great collection with ample color choice.
  • I did with Abby, and I will again when DD2 arrives in Dec. As long as they are securely fastened and well tucked into the mattress (so there is no chance of baby getting caught up in it) then I think they are OK.
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