Evie's six weeks tomorrow she's bf but am i meant to be giving her water aswell?

Alex & Evie xxx


  • You dont need to give your bf babie water as the first part of your milk is watery. I personally gave my lo little bits of water as she was born in the summer and it was hot - it also could help to get us home if she was hungry before I learnt how to feed descreatly! BUT - she did spit most of it out! lol Now i'm weaning her I give her water with meals but she still spits some of it out........
  • My HV told me that if a baby is BF then they do not need any water at all. However I do know people that have given their babies water from only 2 weeks old even BFing. Jack started having water at 3 weeks to drink in between his feeds, he was bottlefed.

    I think its a personal choice, and if you think Evie needs a drink of water then she probably does!

    Kelsie was breastfed for 4 months and she had water a few times if i thought she needed it.


  • Thanks i was getting confussed, mind you doesnt take a lot lol xxxx
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