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Hi ladies

Just wondering if anyone has been to Buggy Fit classes ( http://www.buggyfit.co.uk/index.htm ) and how they found them?

Also, how much does it cost and do you pay for a term at a time?


Love NN and Olyvia xxx




  • Hi

    I went to a buggyfit class. I think I paid ??4.50 and you can pay as you go or pay in advance. I thought it was really good and would have enjoyed it a lot more except my two ( 21months and 5 months at the time) played up throughout. I was intending to go again but I was put off by my kids - the eldest wanted to be out of the buggy (couldn't blame her with a lovely big park to run around in) and my youngest was mainly joining in with the crying from her sister.

    They should let you try a class first. Go along and give it a go. My class consisted of fast walking and jogging with the pushchair, stopping various times to do things like sit ups, lunges etc and also exercises with weights and resistance bands.
  • I do buggyfit twice a week and love it! My classes are ??5 each or you can pay ??20 for 5. We did the same as teenytimy has described. I don't find it that hard a work out but it's a nice opportunity to chat to other mums and have a walk in the fresh air. Sam generally sleeps for most of it! x
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