Doesnt want his milk

Hey everyone
Theo is 5 months now and is on two meals a day but he's no longer interested in his milk. Yesterday he only had three 7 oz bottles and today he's only had 1 and a half bottles. I'm really worried about him not wanting it anymore as my hv said the milk is the most important thing until he's 1. Am I giving him too much solid food? He has 3 teaspoons of powdered baby food made up with 3oz of milk each meal and he has lunch and dinner.


  • he's definitley gaining weight! He weighs 19lb 7oz at 22 weeks old!
    Thanks hun, I feel a bit better now. If anything, he's happier since going on solids.
  • my little one is now on 3 meals a day, and he only wants 3 bottles now, and sometimes only has 5oz at a time, my hv told me that they should have 20oz a day so i try to add some to his food, or he has a milky pud.
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