Where did you put baby in the first few weeks?

Hi ladies,

Bubs is due to arrive in about 6 weeks. Lots of friends and family have said to us not to buy any more 'equipment' for the baby, as they would like to buy us gifts for when the baby is born.

The thing is, we haven't bought a baby rocker or a play gym as we had hoped that someone might buy us this is the first few weeks.

I was just thinking though, when me and Bubs come home, if we don't have a rocker or baby gym, should I just keep him/her in their carrycot (we are using their carrycot as the moses basket)?

Would you suggest we buy one of these beforehand to have in the house, or just wait and see if our friends and family buy us something?

Rucky and Bubs 33 & 6


  • baby will spend mosst of it's time sleeping for the first few weeks hun so i wouldn't worry about only having a carrycot for that amount of time if i was you. mostly they'll just want sleep, milk, nappy, cuddles and thats it so it's not something you would necessarily 'need' straight away xx
  • i agree with what mummy and emmy-lee said. carrycot and cuddles will be good image x
  • The boys spent all their time in peoples arms or the moses basket we had downstairs for the first few weeks. They looked so lost in the bouncy chairs when they were really small!
  • we didn't get ds a play gym until 3weeks old, we already had the bouncer chair but didn't use it until then eitehr, the first few weeks he was just in his moses or on a towel on the floor to havea stretch about, but like the otehr's say they do alot of sleep then and become more alert when a few weeks old, prior to that a mobile on the carrycot will suffice if u think lo needs some stimulation xx
  • evie was in my arms for the first few weeks!! i tried to lay evie on her play mat and it freaked her out big time.
    dont even worry about it at the moment, as long as you have somewhere for baby to sleep thats all you need xxxx
  • I never put my DS down in the first few weeks!! He was either in my arms, his daddy's arms or his moses basket!!
    (occasionally let family/friends have a snuggle)

    We used the bouncy chair from about 3-4 weeks. (I found it helpful when my oh went back to work and I wanted a shower... put the vibrating bouncy chair in the bathroom and DS was soothed by noise of shower and the vibrating chair!!)

    As for playgym, I'd say from about 6 weeks... that was about the age he started taking notice of colours and so the hanging jingly toys kept him amused!!

    Moses basket/crib will do you fine til people come round bearing gifts!! xx
  • Thanks ladies! This is really useful - Iike you say, I won't want to put Bubs down for the first few weeks! xxx

    Rucky & Bubs 33 & 7
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