Weight gain and centile question

Hey - i don't fully understand the centile system. Isobel was 5lbs15oz at birth, she went down to 5lb9oz and today (4+4) she weighs a whopping 8lb9oz so has gained three pounds in a month. she has jumped from the 2nd to the 25th centile. However, i read that jumping up centiles is really unhealthy and something to worry about. is this true or should i just be thrilled she's gaining well? She's exclusively breast fed x


  • hi,

    congratulations on your new arrival, iv never heard its bad to jump up the centiles? where did you hear that? i would be very pleased with her weight gain, my lo was 8lb11 at birth and went down to 7lb4 in 2 days so that was worrying, and he struggled to gain in the first month, but now is very healthy and gaining really well. i dont think you have anything to worry about at all.

    ashy x
  • If she is healthy, happy, visibly thriving and having plenty of wet nappies, I'd be tempted to fling the growth charts out of the window!
  • i'd love to - that red book is a source of constant worrying! x

    Thank you for your response - see, if she hadn't been gaining well I'd be worrying! There's no pleasing someimage x
  • The centile system is basicly an average system. If your lo is on the 25th centile, it just means that at that age 75% of the babies weighs more than your lo and 25% less than your lo. Michael started at the 99th centile, but now at a year he is under the 50th line and has been there since about 5 months. In the beginning it is not bad to skip a few centiles, you will soon see that they settle in their own little grow line.

    Don't forget the centiles are an average and no baby is average. One will gain weight quick for a few weeks and than stop for a few weeks, others will gain consistently small amounts. Don't worry to much.
  • Thank you - i guess my baby is just a little gannet! x
  • Hi, Joseph was only on the 9th at birth but soon crept up to the 25th and has hovered around there ever since (he's one now). The hvs seemed pleased he had put on as he seemed rather underweight at birth for his height (was on 95th for length!! and v. skinny). So your little one is probably just catching up a bit and will level off soon once she's at the right weight for her iyswim. Please don't worry. M x
  • My LO was also breastfed and went from 50th to 98th centile in a couple of months! HV said that it can happen that well breast fed babies pile on the weight at the start, and then slow down later. This has definitely been the case for my LO - he's now on 91st and creeping down.

    Your LO is obviously thriving on your milk! :\)
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