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Help!! how can i stop breastfeeding?

Hi, I'm using my sisters computer for advice, my daughter is 8 months old, and I'm still breastfeeding first thing in the morning and last thing at night how can i stop? she won't drink from a bottle or cup.She won't drink cow's milk or formula milk, she spits both out! otherwise she's fully weaned but I want my boobs back!! Any advice will be very much appreciated!!
Thanks Mandy:\?

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  • firstly congrats for b/feeding for so long. now for the bad news, none of my husbands family would accept bottle or cup, they tried everything but the shortest one was fed up to 18 months when the child decided to give up. however i was worried my boys wld be the same so started giving them one bottle-they refuse formula but will take expressed milk so mite be worth giving your lo expressed milk which she obv likes the taste of and then gradually change to other milk. good luck xx
  • Thats exactly what I was thinking, start with expressed milk and then change to formula later. I wouldn't bother trying to get her to take a bottle as it is just one more thing to wean her off later. My 8 month old has her water in a open cup, if you can get her to take milk from a cup it would be better than a bottle. Yo will probably have more success if someone else gives her the cup feeds for now, if you are not there she will know she isn't going to get a breastfeed. Good luck Kerry xx
  • thanks for the replies, will give it a go, my sister got her to suck from a tomme tippee cup with water in it, so will give this a go!! iwant to be able to go out again!! thanks again Mandy ximage

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