is it ok to let her cry?

Hi ladies

Maiya will be 12 weeks tomorrow. when she was 6-7 weeks she started to sleep between 6-9 hours at night and i got pretty excited! after that she's gone back to wanting 2 feeds a night. she takes a good 5 ounces each time. she feeds every 3 hours in the day so I know realistically she can't be hungry. at this age is it ok to let her cry for a while? I usually leave her when she stirs and grumbles but then she cries loudly. we do bath bottle and bed but latest we can manage to keep her awake is just before 7pm. she hardly ever naps in the day (unless it's a battle or she's in the car). not sure what to try next. am starting to think i'll never get a full nights sleep again ;-(((



  • Ok firstly you need to sort the naps in the day, when I first had Gabe I was clueless and I thought if he stayed awake it meant he didn't need to sleep but babies need to sleep after every 2 hours of being awake, and Gabe still follows this pattern & he is 6 months old tomorrow.
    Look for signs that she's tired, like rubbing her eyes, yawning, red eyes, dark circles etc, and then put her down, it might be a pain at first cos she'll whinge but a few dummy replugs and head strokes etc normally sorts it. Give her a comforter like a muslin or blanket to play with that is easy to hold, it'll prob distract her so she drops off, my lo sleeps best holding a muslin.
    If she sleeps well in the day she will probably sleep better at night believe it or not!
    As for letting her cry, you could try re-settling her, without feeding her. Does she have a dummy? She might just be waking for comfort and a dummy might help. She could be thirsty too, maybe offer her a drink of water?? TBH though I wouldn't let her scream for a feed at this young age, if you've tried everything and nothing but a feed will work, then I'd feed her. But maybe reduce the ounces in the bottle, or use 1 less scoop of formula (nt really advised but if she's feeding well in the day then I don't see the problem) every few days so eventually it is just water and she won't want to wake for water. Either reducing the ounces in the bottle or reducing the scoops of milk will make her want more food in the day & therefore need less at night isywim??
    GL xxxxx
  • Hi ladies

    Thanks for the advice. I think you are right. she is SO tired in the day but just really fights the sleep. I read somewhere that I shouldn't let her nap in the day after a feed so have been keeping her awake. i know, i'm totally barking mad and am throwing out ALL sodding baby books. today I have just left he alone and she's been asleep after her lunch feed for just over and hour so far. yippee.

    she definitely seems happier after a nap.

    is sooo tricky being a first time mum. you kind of rely on the books but they can drive you nuts and make you doubt yourself all the time.

    thanks, as always, for you re-assuring advice.

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