Tingly boobs and the pill

Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same? When TTC, I'm sure I must have had tingly boobs at some point, and in early pregnancy. But I don't remember having them before coming off the pill, to TTC! I'm on Femodene, just coming to end of 4th month, since having LO in Jan. I presume it's the hormones in them, but don't know why I'm getting the sensation now, didn't before. Thanks for any help. xx


  • hi hun, sorry i never experienced this when on the pill but didnt want to read and run. on the other hand i did fall pregnant whilst taking the pill with my dd1 so might be worth testing in 2 weeks time just to put your mind at rest x
  • Thanks for your reply. I know I'm not pregnant. I guess it could just be the hormones, but didn't get it with first few packs. xx
  • Mithical....I have been getting 'tingling' boobs on and off for the last month or so. It's a wierd sensation a bit like my letdown was when I was BF (which I haven't for 3+ months!) I even thought I could have been pregnant last month but I'm not. My lo is a nearly a year old so I thought hormones would have sorted themselves out by now. My boobs have grown recently, they went quite small after stopping breastfeeding but have gone back up a cup size so maybe that's it???
  • Hi katstar,

    I thought it could be the hormones from the pill, maybe my post-pregnancy body is just responding differently. xx
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