Is it safe?

To use a pillow in los cot? hes not sleeping well at night without being cuddled but in the day he will settle when i put him on a pillow, in the day i can constantly keep an eye on him at night i cant so is it safe to do? hes 4months if that makes any difference



  • Pillows arent recommended for under 1's I suppose incase they bury their wee faces into them. I have just put a pillow in with Zara recently & shes 13 months. Sorry I'm not more help

    Hilary x
  • I think he is definately too young, he needs to be able to lift himself up to move off of the pillow if it is inhibiting his breathing.
  • Hi hon,

    This is a contraversial one as it is recommended that pillows are not used for babies under 1.

    However I co-slept with my son and daughter and they both were on a pillow in the bed (it helped when they had a cold etc so they weren't laid flat).

    I've never had a problem but you never
  • It is very controversial, but I put a pillow in my lo's cot when she was 6 months old with a bad cold, but I put it under the cot sheet, and I used the heavy duty old fashion nappy pins to pin the sheet to the under side of the mattress to keep lo from potentially pulling the sheet up and getting caught underneath. I do admit I stressed all night about it but only because there are all these guidelines forbidding it. My mil swears all her 6 children had pillows from birth and I am just looney though so it's really how comfortable you feel with it.

  • Il probably not give him one then, he can pull himself up to sitting when on a pillow though?
  • i know theyre not recommended, but its also not recommended to put anything in their cot with them but cameron has a rolled up blanket alongside him to cuddle on to and a muslin cloth next to his head (or occasionally over his head until he drops off when i move it). i know a few people that have co-slept and their lo has been on a pillow so its mothers choice in the end.
  • if you look on ebay you can get baby pillows but they are expensive but maybe worth it, my dd had a pillow from 6 months but she could roll and was quite a forward baby it that way, my son is 8 weeks and im already considering buying one of these pillows for him.
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