Sleeping bags, blankets. Either or both ?

We've been using a sleeping bag with Archie since we went away to my sisters and his blankets didn't tuck into sides of travel cot. But I must admit I still use blankets over the top of the sleeping bag. I just don't believe he would be warm enough in just the sleeping bag. I've got a duvet and pj's on and some nights I'm cold ! Also the blanket is pulled tight and makes him feel secure and he can't kick his legs about so much and wake himself up.
So do you use sleeping bag or blankets or both like me ? S x


  • I just use a sleeping bag as Charlotte always feel warm to touch when sleeping. Our house is normally really warm though - I sleep in the nude and don't feel cold!!
  • i used both too as it gets quite cold at 4 am (have been up alot at that time recently) i tuck the blankets in, as she also kicks and twitches and wakes herself up. at the weather starts to get warmer i will then just put her to be in the bags.

    she is really sweet, if her hands get cold in the night she tucks them under the blankets

  • We use a sleeping bag and one or two cellular blankets, depending on how cold his room gets, sometimes his room gets extremely cold!
  • what tog sleeping bag is he wearing? what is he wearing underneath? what is the temp in his room?

    when its below 13'C my lo has 2.5tog and fleece blanket. when its 16 she has long sleeved bodysuit, babygrow and 2,5 tog.

    best way to check is feel chest/back. you dont want them to be too hot. all babies are different. my lo feels the heat compared to other los the same age.
  • Temp is always between 18-21 although was quite mild last night. Ha has long sleeved vest, socks, babygrow, 2.5 sleeping bag and a cellular blanket and a woolen blanket on top. He never feels too hot. I check often enough, such a worrier.
    I just wondered cos a frind said her lo sleeps with just a babygrow on, no vest or socks and just a blanket ontop. Archiw oulw be freezing and wake every 5 mins ! S x
  • our room is usually around 17 and JJ has vest, socks, long sleeved sleepsuit and 2.5tog sleeping bag, if the temp drops to 15ish i put a cellular blanket on him too but he usually just has a sleeping bag x
  • Riley has a vest and a pj top on, then either a thick growbag and a thin blanket to secure him, or a thin one with a fleece blanket. He was swaddled until afew days ago so we like to use a blanket so he feels secure. Once he's used to it we;ll probably take the blanket and just leave the sleeping bag. xxx
  • Our house temp can drop overnight even though heating is on twice overnight, 3am and 5am. Jack has vest, babygro, 2.5tog grobag and a blanket. It can get down to 14/15 overnight, but we try it keep it at about 17 in Kelsies room and in our room. None of us like being over hot. I hate getting hot in bed.....well body temp wise! :lol:

    So we use both image


  • we use both too. 2.5 tog grobag, vest and babygrow. Then one or two fleece blankets depending how cold it is. It does get very cold in our house at night tho. x x x
  • Our room gets a bit cold at night so i put LO in sleeping bag and just a light blanket over the top. He always wriggles out or kicks the covers off so the sleeping bag is a must or he'd freeze lol
  • Although nursery is about 16-18degs Frankie seems to really feel the cold. She has vest, babygrow, 2.5 tog bag and a cellular blanket folded in half placed over her. If it drops lower i pop a fleece blanket over her too.

    I have to sleep in pjs and under a 13 tog quilt so dont see how frankie could be warm with just a 2.5 bag.
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