men can kiss my...

ARSE! we have just had a bit of a to do in or house coz my oh washed up and then my dad gave me a funny look so i pointed out that ide already done it today from last night coz oh forgot so why should i do it again? dad then said because we have been at work all day and i said so do i ask you to do your job when you get home and dad said no coz thats our job! the cheeky twat! like looking after a baby and doing house work and washing all day isnt a job! and critisising what i do all day is really gonna help my pnd right now! why are men such dicks! they think coz they go out to work that they are superioir, they forgot i had and do still have a job and worked bloody hard at it! grrrrrr! sorry to rant but had to vent! hope that all made sence! xxx


  • Oh hun, there all the same! they think we just sit watching tv all day, not that looking after a baby is practically a full time job anyways. id love them to do what we do for a day then say its easy, my oh would probs have a break down if i left it to him....:roll::lol:
    Caz x x
  • at least your oh appreciates you though!
  • so annoying! my oh woulod never say anything like that to me it was my dad xxx
  • my hubby seems to think my job is easy too.. y dont people realise that looking after a baby and being a housewife is just as harder job as whatever they do! i dont reckon rob wud lat a day without me around to help look after brooke.. im gunna leave him to try soon tho so he realises how much i actually do then i'll come back and say y aint u done this y aint u done that!!! grrr men! xx
  • i know im gonna do it soon tooo, im gonna go out aaaallll day then come back and critisise! xxx
  • I think i need to do this too, oh might appreciate me a bit more then
    Caz x x
  • i can assure you all that i go out to work for a bloody break!! it means i dont have to look at the ironing pile, let alone bloody do it!!
    tell your dad to but out, and if he wants to be you for a day let him!!
  • I kind of did this, well, I had a dentist appt so I left Max with OH. I left home, babyless, then phoned home about 10 minutes later to make sure everything was OK. He said "of course he's OK! Don't worry and don't ring me" Alright then, I went to my appointment then walked around town for a while. About an hour and a half.
    Then I had a phonecall. It was OH. I answered the phone and could hear Max crying in the backround. "Are you coming home soon?"

    When I eventually got home, Max was in his cot alone in our room, absolutely screaming his head off, tears rolling down his face, going red, you know. And OH was on the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I could have killed him!! :x
  • omg! ide of killed him too! xxx
  • i was going to say that, i think even if you leave oh with lo they'll get on with stuff because they dont have that when baby cries i'll go to him maternal instinct they're more shut the door and you'll shut up sort of style
  • I went back to work 5 days ago, doing 3 half days a week, and left oh to it. I thought he would cope well having had 2 other children from a previous and because Freya sleeps 2-3 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon. I asked him to wash the bathroom floor (which is a very small area, lol) and to cook Freya some food for the freezer. He rolled his eyes as if to say "like i'm gonna have time!!" When I asked I half expected it not to be done, and it wasn't. He made out it was because he was too busy. I was a little annoyed as it looked he hadn't done any house work at all but I let it go thinking 1st day home alone with lo. Untill he let slip he hadn't done anything he planned to do coz she slept for 3 hours. What did he do in those 3 hours.....your guess is as good as mine. LoL.
  • OMG men are so annoying!! Marcus is exactly the same! When I ask him to look after max, the prospect of doing anything else at the same time seems ludicrous to them and you have to remind them that we do it everyday!!!
    I guess fair enough, men are better at other things and women are naturally better at looking after babies but its not always about looking after LO.
    What annoys me is he doesn't do anything!! Not just with max but generally around the flat. Even things men traditionally do, like taking out the rubbish for eg. Thats what winds me up. I do all the housework (and I mean ALL the housework!!), cook max's meals and feed them to him, and still find time to play with him and take him out.
    There are 3 states marcus can be in; asleep, at work, on the computer. thats it!
  • Oh god I feel so luck my oh is good. I had another previous oh many years ago that was EVIL. I had to do EVERYTHING and provide horizontal refreshment at the end of the day!!LOL it was not funny at the time tho. It makes me appreciate my present oh even more. As long as he can spend a while in the garden or pottering in his greenhouse he is fine about house stuff and helping with baby. They say a bully can knock you down but its your fault if you just lay there so get up ladies and get your man to get stuck in! i dont mean to start a revolt like burning bra's or anything but on old lady told me once that a mans brain is like a dogs, you have to reward them for good behavior and punish them when they offend you. And no its wasnt Barbra Woodhouse x
  • horizontal refreshment! lmao thats hysterical! xxx
  • LMAO "horizontal refreshment"
    My oh is good around the house, he does help out and cooks 80% of the time. Just he can't multi task and have baby as well as do the house work. Even when baby is sleeping he could just about manage to get something out the freezer for dinner and hang out the washing. LoL.
  • I try not to moan about OH because he does do most of the washing and the ironing but he drove me nuts last week because he looked after LO for a morning last week and said he doesnt know what I moan about and that its all down to time management. I nearly swung for him!
  • TIME MANAGEMENT???!!!! Oh yeah we can all look after a baby for a morning. A 9 year old girl could probably look after a baby for a morning.
    But when you've got washing to take out of the machine, a pile of ironing to do, dishes in the sink and LO is hungry its a different matter, especially when its everyday for 6 months!! And OH sits on his arse, and will occasionally ask "makin a cuppa?" whenever i go in the kitchen

    You know, sometimes I genuinely think he's actually taking the piss out of me. :x
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