Help RE: Sleep. Please...I need some sleep!


As you know we've had a time with matthew, well now he seems to be over his runs but because we were feeding him because he wouldnt go back to sleep without it, he is now waking up for a feed. He is nearly 10 month old and he doesnt need this feed. Last night he cried and cried until we fed him. then went back to sleep and it still there now.

Is there anything i can do to get him back out of this habit? I cant do the controlled crying really because it wakes my 2 year old up!

Please help...I just want some proper sleep!! :cry:


  • Is he bf or ff? If he is ff you could try watering down his milk. Add one less scoop than you do normally to his bottle for a couple of nights, then two scoops less etc untill he is just getting water. The theory is that this milky water isn't worth waking up for so at some point in the process they go back to sleeping through.
  • Following on from Bedhead, you could also try reducing the amount of milk gradually, maybe an ounce per night. Then he might stop waking, or even if he does at least your not up for as long feeding him.

    Really feel for you, I'm rubbish when i am tired. Nathan has just been ill and also started waking from habit but I think we may have got through it now. Good Luck.

  • Thanks girls. think i will try the dummy for as long as possible tonight and if that fails, then reduce his scoops in his milk. Thanks xxx
  • Me to i need sleep faith is feed in the middle of the night to but that because of her change in milk i am hoping it will not end up being a habit hope you have good night good luck
    carrie and faith
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