Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies have a gymborree near you that you go to and is it worth it? I'm trying to find some more activities to take ds (16weeks) to- for both of us really but not sure if ??30 a month can really be justified? x


  • Our local gymboree do a free taster session and I'm going on 6 September to try it out. Like you, I'm not really convinced about the cost, but I don't think it hurts to try it out
  • Oo thanks hun, they didn't mention that but will give them a call to find out.
  • My boy is now almost 2 and we still go to gymbo. We started at 7 months I think. He LOVES it.

    Our local gymbo is 35 pounds a month, which is one class a week, but you can also go to any number of open gyms (not structured class, but just let them loose) during the week. There is one open gym at a different time every day and at the moment also on saturdays (not sure if this will stay there during term time). If we miss a class we can redeem it and go another day of the week, so no money is lost.

    I just took Hugo there this satuday when the weather was crap - was a fab way to burn his energy lol!

    Ours also do a free taster session.

    My boy doesn't go to nursery as I am a stay at home mum, so gymbo is kinda essential for him to get some interaction with other kids his age.

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