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Hi Everyone
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me.
My lo is 14 months old and has always loved his bath.However, last week, he slipped and his face went under for about 1/2 a second. It has petrified him and we can not get him back in the bath without him screaming. He is really terrified and shaking whenever he gets near the bath. He made himself sick from screaming!
Any suggestions?


  • maybe if you get in the bath as well so he wont be scared? or if you get in on your own and he is in the bathroom as well so he sees that its not scary? hope someone can give you some better advice! good luck xxx
  • Harry did this too at one point. Im a firm believer that if you fall off a horse, you get straight back on, so soon as harry fell it was a quick, "oh dear, dry your face. you're fine" and back in the bath.

    I think i would do my upmost to just ignore it.

    If you're not reacting to it then maybe he'll see that mummy isn't scared so he shouldn't be either. And take it all in steps. Play in the bathroom when its not bath time, get him to help you run the bath by putting his bath toys in, things like that. Then nakey playtime in the bathroom, and then playing with the water over the side of the bath, then plonk him in and ignore the whinging! he'll be fine!! I promise.

    Good luck! xxx
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