Day 3 of sick :'(

Well, we are now on day 3 of our sickness bug and as yet the boys are struggling to keep anything substantial down. Im worried and scared. They are sleeping 90% of the time and Alfie refused breakfast. They had their bottle, which projectiled all over me (Alfie first, just got clean then Ryan!)

They have been sick cince Sunday morning. We thought we might be turning a corner yesterday as they managed to have a miniscule amount of lunch, then dinner and kept both down. They also kept their bottle down last night, but went straight to sleep and arent sick asleep (as yet!)

But no, this morning we are back to normal - bottle and porridge either refused or thrown back, as well as an oz of juice. Dr says to keep giving them an oz every hour and feed them when theyre hungry, but be prepared for it to come back, and we have an app for 6.40pm tonight as I didnt want to go when there were lots of people and spread it to everyone!

Im at a total loss now. Hubby has gone to work so im home alone with them, not that its hard, theyre bloody asleep!

I need a hug! :cry:


  • Awwww I really feel for you hun as my LO is going through a similar thing.

    It isnt nice and very distressing as a mum to see your LO's ill. I would consider trying to offer dioralyte (rehydration salts) if they're keeping nothing down at all. You get them from the pharmacy and mix it with water. Doesnt taste very nice mind but even if they'll take a couple of oz during the day it's good.

    My LO is on day 5 of his bug and is on the mend. Still has the odd dodgy nappy but he dramatically improved yesterday so hopefully it wont be long before yours do.

    I don't know if it helped my DS but I only fed him bland food, really sticking to a diet of bananas, potato, porridge and pureed veg. For the first 2 days I only gave 2 bottles, 1 in morning 1 at night as GP said dairy can exacerbate the stomach. I fed bland solids in small doses in between. I'm now implementing his normal feeding routine and although he's taking very little solids, he's keeping it down. His appetite Im hoping will improve as he does.

    Big hugs to you and hope they get well very soon xxx
  • (((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))

    Your doing really well Gemma! I hope the doctors appointment goes well. There just sleeping it off and throwing up all that nasty bug and im sure its more distressing for you than them.

    I hope there better soon and start keeping stuff down

  • Hope everything goes ok at the Drs huni and hope the boys get well VERY soon. Must be awful for you seeing them like that.
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