Should I be concerned about my sons development?

Afternoon everyone,

My DS JJ, is 14 months old and I am starting to get slightly concerned by his development and certain things that he does. He is a very sensitive baby, and he doesn't mix with people at all. Anyone new and he gets really frightened.
James has been a body-rocker since about 8 months. He sits on his knees and rocks, making a constant sound as he does it. He seems to be in his own world when he does this. I try and call him to make him aware of me, but he doesn't seem to listen. He's recently started having a head twitch, this is more evident when he's in his walker, although it is noticable when he's crawling, too. Although J is cruising the furniture, he does this on tip-toes. He rarely puts the soles of his feet down. J has made no effort to stand alone yet. I am not too worried by that at this stage as my DD didn't walk until 18 months. James doesn't say any words yet either - he babbles like 'dadada' and 'mamamama' but that's about it. I am pretty sure Alex was saying much more at this stage. I know I shouldn't compare the two, but it is difficult when they're so close in age. He is a happy boy and loves his sister and myself to bits, but I just don't know whether or not to take him to get checked out. I don't know why I posted this really - suppose I would like some reassurance - or otherwise. Don't want to look like a neurotic mother - but on the other hand I don't want him to miss out on any treatment either.



  • Hi G
    Not sure i can help any - my son is almost 10 months, sometimes when i call his name or talk to him he doesnt seem to hear me but i think its just that he is concentrating on whatever he is thinking about or studying in his mind. I would take your son to get checked for reassurance for yourself if nothing else. Even ring your HV and describe what you have here and she will advise you if he needs a check-up or not. Will put any concerns you have to rest image
    AM xx
  • Hi,

    When I was born the inner of my ear was closed slightly and it caused me to only have 40% parents didnt really notice until I was about 6 when it was sorted. I was v clingy and often ignored them and appear like a difficult child.

    I think go and get him checked (not by HV as they arent medical) but a quick trip to the GP. You never know it could be something as simple as ears.....this can cause balance problems etc also.

    I am sure everything is ok but go have him looked at for peace of mind xxx
  • If he seems to be in his own little word most of the time and has person anxiety. I think you should get him seen. Aspergers/autism can be missed in young children. I'm not saying JJ has it, but I think you should at least google it and see if he has any of the characteristics.

    I'm sorry if this post upsets you, it isn't meant to. I just feel diagnoses lead to treatment, and treatment can never start too soon.

    I hope JJ is ok, and I would definitely have a friendly chat with your GP. xx
  • Thanks for the replies...
    I was worried about autism, too. We went camping with my dad for his 50th, and one of his friends is a teacher for children with learning difficulties. She is very good at her job and has been on loads of courses, but is obviously not a medical professional. She saw J and said that he does display some characteristics. - His lack of speech, his anxiety, the rocking and the tick. Obviously I have been on bloody google and worried myself stupid. He doesn't display all symptoms so I am just hoping that maybe he is just a bit behind in his development. I am definitely going to get him an appointment with the GP. I suppose it's just a fear of the unknown.

  • It's scary hun, but if you have any sort of answer you can help with his development more.

    There are different levels of all things. With autism some children speak, some interact etc.

    My cousin (many times removed) who I have only met the once, plays with his sister and cousins. But is shy around new people, and hates anyone medical. He wants to get his own way (what kid doesn't?!), so might scream if he doesn't. Eg. He was running in the kitchen, and was stopped, then asked to apologise, he screamed. But he was treated like the other kids, and apologised in the end.

    At the end of the day, your little man will blossom once you get a little help. xx
  • i have experience of autism and would also urge you to have him seen. Likelihood is, its just his personality and everything will come together for him at his own pace. Some of the things you have said do indicate autistic characteristics such as walking on his tip toes but equally they could just be his character traits. It is best to raise flags if you're concerned as early intervention is important. I am NOT saying i believe he has autism or aspergers but to speak to your GP for peace of mind. Hope you have some reassurance from them xx
  • I don't want to scare you but these are the exact things that my nephew was doing which prompted my sister (after a lot of persuasion) to have him seen by a specialist and he was diagnosed with autism, I believe that the walking on tiptoes is a particular indicator?

    I'm really sorry to worry you, it could be nothing and I'm no expert so I would say go to your GP? I would also just say that there is a whole spectrum of autistic disorders, whilst you might be worried I can assure you that, having had constant contact with my nephew and his autistic friends, a lot of the time it really isn't as bad as all the hype and children with autism are beautiful, loving and often gifted children, sometimes they're just a little different :\)
  • I'm with the others for same reason, again work with autistic kids (although mine are teenagers) but like the others said some of the things indicate this but again they can be just who he is, again if it is autism the earlier identified the better but again am no medical expert, i remember my son took this notion of shaking his head all the time when he was 1, he didn't walk until he was 15 months and his speech was not great, he said words but not very clear, I had the same worries but he is fine (now 6) xx
  • Just to say I have booked an appointment for JJ next Monday, 16th. Having done some further research I do think there is a developmental delay, which as you ladies have rightly said, needs investigating. Whatever will be, will be - and I will still adore him!

  • thatswhats most important - interesting fact gemsie, many many people are on the autistic spectrum and don't even know it - work, have families etc etc it shows how wide the spectrun is, i'm almost sure that alan sugar, winston churchill, the owner of virgin (why his name has vanished from my head is beyond me) and even Einstein had aspergers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or adhd but i think it was aspergers)
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