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Lewis is on stage 1 on the jars of baby food! when is it ok to start introducing chicken and meat into his diet (these are in stage 1) but my health visitor said it was 6 months but by the time Lewis is 6 months he will be well on the way to eating proper food! (if you know what i mean)


  • I started to feed shaun chicken and meat pureed with veg since the age of 4 months as he was and still is a very hungry baby. My midwife also told me to start at age 6 months but by that time he would have eaten me!! I always say that a mum knows best about her baby. If u reckon he is ready start introducing it slowly. Good luck!
  • p.s always try and make fresh ones for him as jars of chicken and veg i dont trust as they would have been processed a long time. I always boil a chunky piece of meat and a chicken drumstick to have enough jars of both to last me a week.
  • thanks for that, i did try the jarred stuff but he got really bad wind and he had a sore belly!
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