so what did you get?

for mothers day?

i got a lovely card from grace and now im getting my breakfast made for me image

Mr kell2 also got up with grace this morning so i could have a nice sleep in


Happy mothers day



  • I got 2 lovely cards, one from my oh and one from Oscar, which he has already tried to eat! I also got tea and toast brought to me in bed and oh got Oscar dressed and changed the 1st nasty nappy while I ate.

    Hubby's now gone to work but is going to try and get the evening off if they're quiet as he was supposed to have the whole day.

    Overall I'm a happy bunny, just wish we could spend the whole day as a family!

    Hope everyone has a nice day, whatever you got and whatever you're doing! Xxx
  • I got a lay in til 8.30 now oh is at work til 5 back 4 an hour then back off to work at 6. Think am gonna get my pressie later.

    i also wish we cud spend the day as a family, at least i'll b wiv my beautiful baby!
  • lizzy, is your oh a chef too? Those hours sound familiar! Lol
  • I got a lay in whilst hubby got Ryan up and dressed and he wont let me do any housework at all. image

    I got 2 lovely cards, one which was made by Ryan and daddy at dads club last week and one from moonpig with mine and Ryans pic on it.
    Pressies i got were a lovely snow globe with Special Mum written on it and a mirrored plaque with a mummy poem on it.

    Also they are both taking me out for lunch this afternoon. One lucky , very grateful mummy. :\)
  • i got a "best mum" me to you bear and a card "to mummy from your little boy"...just a normal Sunday too, OH comes home from work at 6.15pm and then back out to work half an hour later til midnight!! x
  • i got a lovely card off my girls and a world's greatest mum mug and a hugmeez toy which says mummy i love you this much and its got its arms open wideimage so very happyimage
  • hey,

    I got a lovely card, Daddy helped Louise to write her name and she drew on the other side (she's 8 months.)

    I got some chocolates and a 'mummys's little monster and I love her lots' cup. Also, my eternity ring was part of my presents too.

    We're off to see my mum at my nans for lunch with lots of other family too.
  • I got some lovely roses and a nice card from Poppy. And she made me a lovely photoframe with her handprints on over a really sweet poem at her childminders. So cute!
    I'm home alone this weekend as oh is on a stag do in Prague so I had to do the wake up shift which was at 7.15! so no lie in for me!
    Happy mothers day.
  • i dont think im getting anything:\? my oh was up 4 work tis morning and i was supposed to be goin to my mums but hes took the buggy in the car and i got giving out to
  • I got a card from Charlotte, and a card from my brother in law & his oh(!), Kings Of Leon cd, bottle of Sloe Gin, bunch of flowers. Last night oh gave me a massive.......................................................naughty.....!! New York Style baked cheesecake from our local bakers so home made (my fave pudding). We will have some more today as he's cooking me a meal later.
  • well i've not got mine yet because evie stayed at my mums last night so OH and i could go out for a meal and have a lie in! I'm at work now but leaving soon and should get my prezzy when i get in! i can't wait!

    Also when we were out shopping yesterday i saw a gorgeous necklace with a cupcake charm on it's so cute, and hubby said i could have it for mothers day so i got that image
  • I got a lovely boquet of flowers, a teddy, some chocs and a mug.

    One very happy mummy here image

  • OH suprised me by booking the day off work! Got a first mothers day card which Connor picked himself he also scribbled in it for me - not bad for 6 months! Got a mummy teddy and OH says hes planned a suprise for later!
    Very happy mummy!
  • I got some thorntons chocolates and one of those slabs they do with 'mummy' on it image And a card which hubby wrote in with his left hand so it's like a childs scribble LOL

    Going for a walk in abit and a roast later image Happy mummy here!
  • I got a loverly card from Freya and later today I am having a loverly meal cooked for me. Upside to living with a chef/fireman. I was promised a day off today. But so far I have got up with Freya and I have done all the housework. Am a little annoyed that I was the one to get up and am still waiting for my breakfast but I do believe I am nesting so the house work has to be done by me to be to my satisfaction. Besides if he were to do it I would just go again after him. LoL.

    But once Freya wakes form her nap we are going for a loverly walk and I plan to do NOTHING (no nappies, cooking, cleaning etc) for the rest of that day.

    X X X
  • I got a card thats says to mummy from your little princess (ah sooooo cute). Got Jamie Oliver cook book that i wanted and some ferrero rocher which are my favourite choccies.

    Just wondering why anyone but your children would get you a mothers day card????
  • :cry: I dont think Ive got anything for Mothers day :cry:

    OH was at work last night so is still in bed sleeping. Ive got up with Zacky who has a cold and is spotty. And there wasnt even a card left downstairs for me. Oh and im doing 3 weeks worth of washing as well. OH hasnt even written his cards for his mom and step mom yet (I had to get the cards). Rant over.

    Wishing all you mommies a happy mothers day, especially if its your first.

  • I didnt get much for all the hints i have been dropping. OH said he didnt know why i was so worked up about it and men dont think about that kind of thing...obviously they do...One very depressed mummy.:cry:
  • Have just moaned about this on Born in Dec but it felt so good I'm going to do it again.

    I expect I sound ungrateful but what I wanted was a day off (lie in, no housework, no nappies, maybe even no bf as I've been stockpiling ebm, perhaps lunch out in the sun). What I got was a card with 4 words in, a mag light for my keyring (mine was stolen when we were burgled so that was thoughtful).and eggy bread in bed at 7am, presumably because they were the only two edible things in the house. The shop is all of 5 mins away.

    DH has since been sulking about who knows what all day so I've been tidying up after him and keeping out of his way :roll: As I was saying to the Dec girls, if he ever treated me from time to time (or even just did some bloody housework) I don't think I'd be feeling like this, but he doesn't so it wouldn't have hurt him to make an effort for my first mothers' day.

    His mum has just texted saying "hope you're being spoiled" or something and I don't know what to say.

    From another very depressed mummy :\(
  • I got some lovely chocolates and a card but my best present was 4.5 hours solid sleep from 12:30 until 5, bless the boy. Have been made to suffer for it though, as he is going through a growth spurt and eating every hour and a half for a good half hour and hasn't had a nap all morning (which means mummy hasn't either image).

    Oh, and the house gave us both an unwelcome present in the form of a leaky kitchen ceiling due to the incompetent plumber who failed to switch the broken shower of correctly. It always happens on a Sunday, doesn't it? *sigh*
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