Dummy Dilemma or is she still hungry?

For the last couple of days, my baby has been unsettled from 3pm to 7pm on one day, and 3pm to 10pm on another day. So here we are again, and she is still unsettled, so DH and I have given in and gave her a dummy to see if this settles her.

She is only 12 days old and still hasn't put on any weight since she has been born. At birth she weighed 6lbs 3oz, and yesterday she weighed 5lbs 11 oz ( a loss of 1oz since last weigh 3 days previous)

I feel extremely guilty - what is she is still hungry (even though I have been fed her for over one hour before hand). Is it possible she could still be hungry? What is she is going through a growth spurt - am I depriving her of food?

Would be extremely grateful for your opinions.



  • Hi Susan

    She could well be hungry still. Don't feel bad about using a dummy if needed, but it may still be hunger at this stage. Her weight loss isn't too dramatic so she can't be doing too bad, but it's probably better to try her on food again - if she doesn't want it she won't take it.

    With some babies they will feed almost constantly when they're awake. At 9 weeks my lo still often feeds for nearly an hour at a time, and still wants feeding every 2-3 hours.

    Keep on with it. It will get easier.

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