West Mid Meet Monday 9th

Hi girls i have been looking at the weather report for weekend and next week and its more snow again sunday and monday. Which means il have both of mine at home and the trains wont be running properly to get us to brum. So on that note i might have to mis s the meet or could we re arrange when the weather gets better????????


  • Oh NO stupid ass snow!!! I didnt think we were having any more now.

    I've only got to get from wolves to brum which is a short train ride...where are you coming from? Could you get a bus hun? Though I totally get you with 2 kids public transport in snow w. possible delays = NOT FUN.

    I'll be gutted if it does snow! I was soooo excited about it lol x
  • I was wondering what to do on this!! Is it worth holding out till Sunday night-or Monday 8am (just an idea) to make a decision.

    I'm hoping it'll be ok-because I really really really want to meet up!!
  • I really dont want to miss it either i think waiting to sun night mon am would be a good idea, i will speak to my mom tomorrow to see if she could have Poppy then i only have to get myself and Fraser there.
  • Hope the weather is not shite as I dont fancy getting to the train station if its all icy/snowy - I dont do snow!!!

    As we will be getting in later I dont want to look like a wierdo staring at all the mums and babies and asking randoms if they are from baby expert haha!! Can someone give me their mobile number, or let me give you mine so I can get in touch when we get ther? I am not a weirdo I promise lol ok maybe a bit of a nutter but not a weirdo xx
  • Sent you one hun xx
  • hi babe hope you read this but if you do end up going on monday unfortunately i cant. wew been back to hospital today and they have booked daisy in for a barium meal x ray on monday morning was looking forward to it too but like you say if weather bad its not worth it that train station nightmare in normal weather conditions. hope we can re schedule xx
  • i really hope we dont get anymore snow i would love to meet you all fingers crossed the snow stays away!

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