Weaning...food too rich?

Hey girls!

well as i posted last week i have started weaning Isabella, i give her baby cereal of a morning at the past 3 weeks she has baby rice about 5pm, I started 2 try her on the ow and gate meals and yesterday gave her 4 spoons of this, a few hours later she had pooed bad (alot) and seemed like she had stomach cramps. Do u think that the food is too rich 4 her? she is 17 weeks? also i bought some of the Ella's kitchen pureed veg so do u think this would be better 2 give her? thanks xxxxx


  • It may be. I started weaning at 4 months and didn't give him jars until 5-6 months as they gave him a dodgy tummy as well.
    I would try very simple homemade purees like sweet potato or pear (very low allergy foods and bland on the tum)
  • I agree - the jars are way too rich for such a young baby. As Tigerlily says, you should stick to plain, simple foods like veg/fruit purees. She is still very young to be having 2 meals a day too in my opinion.
  • i gave millie foods like carrot puree and sweet potato, brocollii mixed with potato from 17 weeks but gave one veg at a time for a couple of days as when u start mixing u and if they dont like it u dont know which food they dont like or whats not agreeing with them. millie then stopped eating my food at 6 months so i had to give her jars which she loves especially heinz sausage beans and tomato! i have tried them ellas b4 and millie hated them! they just taste of fruit all of them i think they all taste the same cos all the veg ones have some fruit in like pea pear and potato or something like that but its about 90% pear! x x
  • I still have problems with jar food now at 6 1/2 months, Teagan has been on food now since 17 weeks. I have to mix it with an equal amount of rice and even then loads comes back up and she struggles pooing. We don't seem tohave any trouble with homemade purees, although I would have thought homemade would be richer?

    How about doing some purees, things like carrot, brocolli, cauliflower and avocado seem to go down well with my LO. I just do a batch and freeze it in ice cubes until I'm ready for it.

    Corinna x
  • I would say also that jars will be too much for your little one as many of them contain meat and I can imagine that could upset their little tummies since all they are used to is milk.
    I started weaning my little man when he was nearly 19 weeks and just started with basic baby rice and banana.
    The Ella;s garden range are fab my little man loved all of them apart from the broccoli, pea's and pear but I think that was more the texture than the taste image
    Good luck and take things slowly.
  • The tiny jars are the Hipp organic ones, I used to give my lo those, and also the cow and gate fruit pots, just single friuts though.

    It might be because she is too young for two meals a day? I started weaning and 17 weeks, but he didn't have two meals a day until he was 5 1/2 months.

    Just remember simple foods, one at a time and take it slowly.
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