what to you class as 6 months old?

Hello again

Another waening questions (there are loads floating about at the mo lol) what to you classify as 6 months old do you say 24 weeks or for Reece it would be 6th September. Just curious as I'm keen to start him on his wee finger foods but know you have to wait re toast etc because of the wheat, same with his cereal I want to get him onto proper porridge etc but again can't remember from DS1 (6 yeras ago) if it was 24 weeks or 6 calendar months before the other foods can be introduced.

Thanks again xx


  • Hi, I always go by calendar months x
  • 26 weeks or 6 calander months, 1 year is 52 weeks so half a year is 26 weeks.

    I started giving Sasha anything at 24 weeks though, hv said it was close enough.

    I read this recently though, its produced by the Btitish Dietetic Assiciastion Specalist Paediatric Group, and was released in April this year, and amongst other things on page 2 it says

    Some current practice recommends avoiding certain high allergen foods before six months. However recent evidence indicates that potentially allergenic foods such as egg, fish, milk used in foods and cooking, cheese, yoghurt, wheat and other gluten containing cereals do not need to be delayed until a certain age
  • I go by calender months too image
  • either 26weeks (exactly half a yr) or calendar months, what i remember frm ds is that weaning guidlines were 26 weeks and no earlier than 17 weeks, rather than 6months and no earlier than 4 months, iyswim?
  • I go by calendar months but one of the hv here classifies 6 months as 24 weeks so am going to now have that as our finger foods starting target.
  • I go by calender months and definatly not 24 weeks as I refuse to acknowledge the fact that my baby could be classed as 6 months in 2 weeks ha ha.
  • Definitely 6 calendar months = 26 weeks, nothing else could be considered as 6 months in my book xx
  • that you ladies i'll go with the majority of 26 weeks as ds2 has eczema so don't want to risk (ds1 had it too and now as asthma although they think this is due to his lung infection in October) but I'd rather play it safe.

    lmao becci I know what you mean I can'r believe he is 21 weeks on Tues where did that go!
  • I know Alfie's 22 weeks on Tuesday, it's gone far too fast
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