tips for successful EBM bottle feeds....? (also in bf chat)

Hi there.

After a few ups and downs I'm now successfully bfing my 6 week old (the chunky monkey weighed 12 lbs at 5.5 weeks!). However we are really struggling to get her to bottle feed EBM successfully. We've tried 3 types of bottle (Avent, Tommee Tippee CTN and MAM) and really thought we'd cracked it with the MAM bottles after 3 or 4 consectutive nights feeds where she took 4-5 oz quite happily. It's gone downhill from there though and the last2 nights she's fought against taking the bottle at all and has only, reluctantly, taken a couple of ounces after more than an hour of perseverence from me. Last night I was too fed up of the stress of each bottle feed to even try and so bf''d exclusively all day.

I really don't want to give up on bottle feeding EBM as I'd like the freedom to have the ocasional night out/have DH do a feed now and again but I feel like this might not be possible with Grace. I don't want to resent BFing her as I really want to exclusively BF until she's weaned but feeling like any form of bottle feeding is not an option is really getting me down. And it's not like I can give up BF even if I wanted to as I doubt she'd formula feed anyway as it's the bottle she doesn't like, not the milk!

Does anyone have any advice/tips/similar experiences that have turned out ok?


Feebs & Grace (6+3 weeks)

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