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do you talk about BE?



  • I do it too...but now hubby says to me 'why don't you ask on BE' whenever I have a query over anything to do with Lily!
  • My hubby says "so how are all the other nutters on Baby Nutter?" and has renamed BE BabyNutter in my favourites :lol:

    But he does read topics over my shoulder, and ask after people.
  • I say 'the baby website i go on' if i mention it to friends and family cause I like it here and don't need people i know on here!!

    To hubby I just say baby website or talk about my baby-mum friends but he does know the names of quite a few of the dec 07 babies and mummies as a few of us have met now and chat on msn and stuff. Not sure how many names he remembers but he tolerates me being on here quite well, and listens when i tell him useful stuff i learn from others image
  • i call it my baby website too! my oh used to like to guess how many days till our baby was born when i was pregnant and my username westbrom is cus he put it on as he is biggest westbrom fan im actually aston villa fan. he likes fact that i come on here and facebook as it gives him green light to go on psp!
  • I am always doing it. Iget told to shut up after a while. Lol.

    My oh/best friend/mum/dad always get
    "theres this woman on BE....." and
    "the girls on BE think........."
    This site is like an old friend. OH quite often asks if anything interesting is going on on baby Odd isnt it!! LONG LIVE BABY EXPERT!!!
  • all the time, i'm like "on the forum it said this......" :lol: x
  • LOL at everyone...But im the same.Im forever saying to my mum "Well on BE they say....."Its great I love it,felt abit of a saddo actually when I mention it but now I know im definately not the only one I feel better!
    Im a BE addict and proud lol
  • Thank god! I thought it was just me!

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