who has given birth in Scotland?


  • Hi there,

    I gave birth in Wishaw General and I couldn't fault the midwives and team there! My local mw wasn't too great but the hospital was fab. The wards were really good and i actually ended up staying in one of the delivery rooms until i left two days later, so i had a huge room all to myself! image

    I live near the hospital and it takes about an hour to get to Edinburgh via train and 20-40 mins to get to Glasgow (depending on which train you get). It is also close to the M8.



    Edited to add that Wishaw General now offer two scans (12 and 20 weeks) during your pregnancy. They used to only offer one! x

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  • I'm going for my first scan at Forth Valley Royal (Larbert) in a couple of weeks, happy to let you know how it is if thats of interest? x
  • I gave birth at the mlu in forth park, kirkcaldy. Again couldn't fault care there at all. South fife is a dead easy commute to edinburgh, especially on train.

    Just realised that's not central belt. Sorry!

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  • I used to live in dalgety bay, its really nice and the midwives there are lovely. There's lots of baby groups on there too, and further afield in dunfermline/kirkcaldy. And its so handy for commuting
  • Stirling Royal has a good midwfery unit - I gave birth in Inverness, but friends of mine have had good experiences there.

    I'm stirling area, and dont know of any MWL units but might be worth phoning Forth Vally Trust and asking them

    Joanna x
  • We are in Falkirk and I gave birth at Stirling royal, although the maternity services are moving to larbert next summer. I had a difficult pregnancy and labour and I have to admit I was very happy with the care I got from my midwife team and the hospital. It's not a midwife led unit, but I for one was very glad to have access to the harder drugs!

    Good luck with the move and TTC!
  • G/C im from west fife,Rosyth actually and also gave birth in Forth park,i didnt have a problem with them at all,had great service but i did give birth in the obstretics ward,slowly trying to get back there again lol were ttc no2

    it is a very easy commute from this are and surrounding ones like inverkeithing/dunfermline,weve had a bout of people move from edinburgh as its cheaper to live here and commute than to stay edinburgh.....from here you can also go to livinston maternity but i dont know anything about them x
  • I had a few colleagues give birth in Livingstone and they also had no problems, nice water births!

    I think they're meant to be changing FP around and moving it to Victoria Hospital, I also thought they were opening an new MLU at Queen Margaret alongside the antenatal unit but someone say that was codswallop. Either way I think there will be a new unit soon.
  • Hi Centurion

    Polmont/Falkirk currently comes under Stilring Maternity Unit but its moving to the new Forth Valley hospital in Larbert in July. Like Coco my scan is at new hospital in October. Ive only met my midwife so far but she was really nice.

    Linlithgow would be St Johns, but its too expensive to live there anyway lol!!

    Coco are you Falkirk? I live in town centre. xxx

  • grizzlechops i heard that also but i thought there was a prob with it,i got my scans etc at dunfermline

    where do you stay?
  • Very close to you. Small world!

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  • I'm in St Andrews and had the choice of Forth Park or Ninewells in Dundee, and luckily chose Ninewells as I would've had to be transferred there anyway for my emergency section! Contrary to popular belief, I had a very nice time in Ninewells, both initially in the midwife led unit, with their new birthing pools, then in the labour unit for epidural and ultimately surgery. I also thought the aftercare was great on the labour ward - 2 nights in after birth and another re-admission for BF problems. All midwives very nice and helpful, and also docs in NICU that I saw on our readmission. I would happily have next baby there. x
  • I am in Edinburgh and I hate to say that I found my antenatal and postnatal care absolutely abysmal (I hate to be so negative but I am still raging about it and formulating a massive complaint) I have a lot of friends who have also given birth in Edinburgh and most of them say they would try to give birth at St Johns in Livingston if they did it again (you get a choice in most parts of Edinburgh where you 'book in' to to give birth). I certainly would never have a baby at Simpsons in Edinburgh again. xx
  • grizzlechops- its true that they are building a MLU next to the Queen Margret, theres a website for it etc

    Laura- we're in denny just now but moving home to larbert asap, when are you due?

    Co xx
  • I thought it was true coco, means next baby wont be a mad dash down the a92 whilst on all fours in the back seat. Something to look forward to.
  • I also gave birth at Forth Park, although I had a c-section and was in obstetrics due to induction. It's a friendly little place.

    They have been saying they were going to open MLU at Queen Margaret for years - hope they extend the car park if they do!

    Good luck!x
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