Childbirth's best kept secret?

I think not!!


Personally if my husband passionately snogged me whilst i was in the throws of labour i don't think i could have been responsible for my actions! image

I love the quote

"'When the baby's coming down the birth canal, remember, it's going through the exact same positions as something going in - the penis going into the vagina, which often leads to orgasm,' says Dr Christiane Northrup, who seems to display a rather limited appreciation of the female anatomy. Except that all the soft lighting and aromatherapy candles in the world cannot disguise the fact that it's an 8lb baby coming the opposite way, hoping to see the light of day through a 10cm gap." :lol: :lol:


  • Before my epidural i kept shouting at my hubby not to touch me let alone snog me, if he had tried to snog me i think i would have smacked him with my gas tube. Oh and his willy is not as big as our baby was!!!!!
  • how stupid, i was not feeling remotely sexy by the time id been huffin and puffin though the contractions through the the only contact me and oh had in labour was when he held my hand oh and when i had him by the scruff of the neck telling him i f*****g hate you- you did this to me you b*****d!!!!lol. that was very amusing. dont they come up with some right
  • Oh my god how ridiculous and plain wrong.

    I agree with you ladies if my husband had come anywhere near me during labour he'd have regretted it (although he tells me he was a bit scared of me while i was in labour so i don't think it even crossed his mind!)

    Also is it just me or is there something weird about wanting to orgasm as you give birth to your child.
  • My oh only wishes he was the same size our babies were! lol.

    Not a chance in the world is it even close to being the same! lol

    Lisa xxx
  • the only thing i was saying was have i poo'd lol i was sure i neede the toilet all way through
  • What a load of utter crap. I had pethadine that wore off a couple of hours into my long labour and other than 2 paracetamols (waste of time!) I had no G&A or an orgasm for that matter.
    pretty sure that being at home would not have revolutionised my birthing experience. S x
  • :lol: :lol: :lol: What a load of crap!!! Giving birth felt nothing like sex to me, mind you oh doesn't exactly have an 8.5lb manhood and don't tend to need stitches after we do it! And as for being snogged during labour...well think I would probably have smacked him if he'd even tried. Not that he would have been able to get near enough to my mouth- the gas and air was never out long enough first time round!

  • Brilliant! I take it Dr Christine Northrup doesn't have any children.

    I read an article about this in a magazine the other week. I thought the woman was nuts!! She even said she was disappointed when she had to have a c-section coz she knew she wouldnt orgasm. She had like, 8 kids or something?? xx
  • What a load of crap.

    Just what we need- ohs convinced that rather than being excruciatingly painful we should be enjoying the whole thing.
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