sharing the load

hubby lost his job at the end of dec. great cause he's been able to spend time with baby. we've been sharing the night feeds. i do the one when she goes to bed at 9 - 9.30pm. i normally do the 12/1am one, hubby does the 3am one and sometimes the 6.30am one.

he's got a new job and starts on 16th feb. seeing as im not working its only fair i do the night feeds.

thing is when im tired im very emotional :cry: not sure how im going to cope.

anyone in same situation?


  • hi hun
    you ll find the strength when you need it.i have 4 and whenever i feel emotional i just remind myself how lucky i am to have them x
  • How old is your LO? Sorry to hear about him loosing his job, my OH lost his just after christmas image What hours will he be working? If you're very tired and emotional, surely he'd still help overnight? Jack was bottlefed and still to this day me and OH take it in turns, not my feed your feed, but Jack's only waking once at night and he has done the last 2 nights because I have been very tired (Too strong painkillers I'm taking!) Its suprising but when you're in the postion, i.e if you HAVE to feed LO you will, and you'll manage to fight through the tiredness. You can always have naps when your LO can.

  • thnaks. during the night feeds when i really just want to be in bed, i just look at her little face and its pulls me through.
  • jessica is 4 weeks. she feeds ok but takes forvere to wind her. she's on infacol, nice to know im not the only one. thanks for the support ladies.
  • Does she suffer with her wind a lot? Have you tried gripe water instead? In my opinion gripe water is a lot better than infacol. I found this with both my LO's.

  • will give it ago. thanks.
  • You will cope hun, you'll just start to get used to it and your body will adapt. I'm still feeding Riley 3 hourly at night at 7 months, and he's breastfed, so it can only be me. It is tiring, and sometimes I feel quite unwell during the day if it has been a bad night, but then when my hubby is off he gets up with him so I can have a rest. I'm sure your hubby would help out with a feed or two if you get really bad? xxx
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