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a jumpy baby??

Hi Girls,

Charlie is a very jumpy/sensitive baby and i wondered if there is anything we can do to help him be less so. We only have to clear our throat or sneeze and he jumps out of his skin, bottom lip starts trembling and then he crys, sometimes even the quietest noise will startle(sp?) him, this also happens when he's falling asleep, he'll just be drifiting off and something will startle him he suddenly outstretches his hands and does a 'jazz hand' action, (sorry only way i can think of to describe it,lol!). He is use to noise during the day, tv on, i potter around so not sure why he's like this.xx


  • Hi hun, my friends little boy is just like this! The slightest sudden noise is enough to make him scream for ages bless him. Her HV said a lot of babies go through this phase. We just try to be matter of fact about it with him now, we dont really make an effort to be quiet around him, and if something does startle him his mum doesnt pick him up, she just strokes his hand, talks to him etc for reassurance. He has started getting a lot better lately, he's almost 9 months now xx
  • Gabe used to do this!! He was scared of anything especially sudden noises like coughing and sneezing. It didn't have to be loud either. He grew out of it at about 5/6 months...and now noises don't seem to bother him at all?
  • thanks for your replies, hopefully he'll grow out of it, he such a sensitive little thing bless him, it gets to the point where at night we are tip - toeing(sp?) around the bedroom so as to not startle him but why is it the quieter you try to be the more noise you end up making,lol??
  • My lo is SO jumpy it's unreal! He's quite a serious little soul and is always really concentrating on whaever he's doing or looking at, so if there is a sudden noise he jumps out of his skin. He used to start crying, but we started laughing and making a joke and calling him a pickle (in a nice way honest!) when it happened and now he just jumps, has a look about then carried on with what he was doing! We have also always tried to make the house quite noisy so he's used to it, so i guess it's just one of those things!

    His startle reflex at night when he is falling asleep is still awful at 6 1/2 months though. We had trouble stopping swaddling him because he was so jumpy at night. We just bit the bullet and stopped a few weeks ago, but i can always hear him on the monitor waking himself up x
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