Body memory!?

Hey Girls...

people have spoke to me about your body having a memory like sperate from your mind.. and it remembers how to do things.. like little things like typing a number on a phone without looking or thinking to much bigger things like 'remember HOW to get preganant & remembering how to prepare for birth..

Do you think it's true or whats your experiance of your body remembering?

My OH can play the XBOX with out looking a the buttons :lol: me on the other hand can't seem to find them even when I AM looking at them :lol:

loving a bit of light hearted-ness! x

(& trying to convince myself I won't have to try and work out HOW to push :lol: that my body will just 'remember') xxx


  • loving the light heartedness,
    dont worry- im sure ur body will never forget how to push. lol
    my hubby is like that with the xbox but the controller annoys me! me on the other hand- i can txt without looking and im pretty good on the laptop keyboard with knowing where the letters are and my hubby jus has no idea where to begin on the laptop, ha ha ha.
    i think with most things is that i do them so often i jus get into the habit of doin it- i feel like superwoman most of the time!!!! lol xxx
  • I think your body goes in to 'auto-pilot' like you arrive at work and can't remember some of the journey as your body took over. I'm like that with my pin number-can only remember it when I have the number pad thingies in front of me (maybe I'm just odd?!)
    Your body will totally know and remember what to do babe!! Likeing the light heartedness! x
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