Dr Brown bottles

Hi Ladies

Have just bought one to see how we get on as have tried everything so far to help tyler with his wind, has anyone else tried them ?




  • hello, we got them for ds when he was around 10 wks and see a MASSIVE improvement. my only regret is that we didn't get them sooner. he will be 5 months at xmas and we still use them now. i did however find that the teats are a lot slower and we had to use no 2's and we are already on no3's now. another tip... don't shake the bottles as they tend to leak!! good luck and i hope they work for your lo. xx
  • Hi, we have used Dr Brown bottles too and they were great for us. A good investment!
  • GC to say I used these with my lo (he's 5 now) and I thought they were fab.
    I remember going up the flow no's quickly though as like alcott has said they seemed to be really slow.
  • lillykitt - its star11 from nov09 - mason has the wind problems aswell and its awful...i just want to cry as i'm tired, hubby fed up! my poor toddler has his bedtime rushed as i know mason is going to kick off....

    i have the dr brown bottles as had to with first and so just brought them straight away this time!

    i have teat 1 - but he was falling asleep on bottle so we put needle in top to try make bigger - midwife said to! but i think im going to buy the 2 this week!

    are you feeling bit low??? i wish he wasnt windy and settled better! i am putting dentinox colic drops in bottles as supposed to help with wind and help create a big burp - this is yet to happen!

    if anything he seems to still get hicups and then sicks up and then cries in pain!

  • Hi Star

    Its shocking how tired we are at the moment, we take it in turns to sleep at night with the other downstairs with the baby. last night our MIL had him from 6 until 11 to allow us to have some sleep, he is incredibly windy and nothing we do seems to shift it, was in tears at stupid o'clock the other morning as he would just not settle. He seems happier on his side, propped up by pillows or on his front. doctor is useless, said he would grow out of it at 12 weeks !!

  • 12 weeks - WHAT!!! I remember with my first i had similar problems and we were just told oh he's just a colicky baby!!!! GEE THANKS!

    my first also ended up having infant gavisgon prescribed as i was adamant he had silent acid reflux where the acid travels up and causes pain! i keep thinking mason has the same but not sure if to take him to docs or will they just say i'm looking for the symptoms cause of first!

    also first ended up sleeping on front as that helped - i dont think i did it for about 5/6 weeks tho so bit worried to do it this soon as its a big no no!

  • I know what you mean about sleeping on his front, at the moment he lies on his front on my chest as I can settle like this and so can he. Have just found a fab website which has loads of things for colic/reflux so have just ordered a sleeping pad which means he can safely sleep on his side, hopefully this will make a difference. Would just be nice to sleep in the same bed as my husband !!

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