when can she have a duvet?

my baby who isnt really a baby at 13 months, moves alot during her sleep so im not sure wether its safe to giver her a duvet/blanket type thing? as im worried something might happen, but at the same time she wont use her sleeping bag as it restricts her movement and she likes to take her pj bottoms off so is often a bit cold image
what do you think? it says from 12 months, maybe im just bein a panicky mother? lol xxx


  • hi my lo is 11months and i'm planning on getting a duvet this week. he moves around alot and ends up with his covers off. my view is that he can stand up and walk so if the covers go over his head he is able to kick them down/off, plus he'd prob cry if he didnt like it. hope that helps x
  • i was gonna say they say 1 yr dnt they although i use a think quilt/throw that goes with graces nursery set on top of her at night as she gets cold xx
  • Holly is nearly 1 and I have started using her coverlet as its fleecey on one side, I put her in a vest, jammies and summer sleeping bag (so she can't move about as much) and then tuck her in with the coverlet. hth xxx
  • Hi, I live in Norway and my lo was born the beginning of January. They use duvets in the hospitals out here for babies and were shocked when I said I wasn't planning on using one for fear of cotdeath. They pointed out that Norway has one of the lowest rates of cotdeath and that I really should use one to make sure my lo was nice and warm. So we have used one during the winter months since my lo was born with no problems. I think if you feel it is cold enough then use one, my lo is 11 months now and pulls his duvet up if he is cold and pushes it down if he gets a bit warm. His room is around 16-18 degrees at night. x
  • My LO is 14 months, and we're now going to start using a duvet for her. She too wriggles and is always uncovered!! They recommend that its not safe under 1 year old, but theres guildlines for everything these days, and every parent knows their child better than anyone else!! I would say that your LO is perfectly fine to have a duvet!!

  • Hiya, i used one with Harry between about 2 and three months or so as he wasn't a huge wriggler but hated having his legs trapped in. I stopped when it got warmer as it was too hot and have started again at 8months or so. I can understand about the cot death business but Harry has been fine and i find he sleeps better with a fleecey blanket to snuggle up to and the duvet. xxx
  • your not saposed to give them one intill they are at least 1 year old.
    i have never used one on either of my older two intill after they were one and i wont be using one with charlie intill after his first birthday. to stop justin taking his bottoms of i kept using all in ones for him, during the winter i got the nice thick fleese ones for him which were great i also bought bigger blankets for his bed as once they reached a year old the smaller ones were to small as they couldnt be folded over any more
  • there not suppose to have a propper duvet till after 2 or a pillow but you can get thick blankets that are thinner than a duvet but thicker than an ordinary blanket and they can use them from anywere past 1yr. these blanket type things usually come with the bumper sets my sons 20 months and ive been warned not to put a propper duvet on him or use a pillow till between 2-3 years. 

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