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Hey ladies!

Ok so about an hour ago, i go to the toilet and there is this big blob of clear mucus on my panty liner. I thought it was my show but it wasn't bloody at all and it turns out that the bloody show and losing the mucus plug are 2 different things (according to the quick research i've done on google)!!

So according to google it could still be days or weeks until i actually go into labour. I'm just wondering what your experiences of this have been. I'm already 3 days overdue and have a sweep booked in for sunday and my induction is on the 8th. I'm hoping that it will all in fact start of naturally.

So i guess my question is how long was it after you lost your plug did you go into labour??

Thanks, KB 40+3 xx



well ladies, i woke up this morning and i've had my bloody show!!! There's definitely a difference between the mucus plug and the bloody show in my opinion now!! I'm having pains in my back and contractions (which are bearable) every 10 minutes or so at the moment. Just about to jump in the shower and i'm praying that this is finally it for me now!!!!!!! When the pain gets too much i'll whack on the tens until the contractions are close enough for me to go to hospital...

I really hope i'll be meeting my baby in the next 24hrs or so!!!

KB 40+5 xxx

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  • Hi,

    My show was also like this, just a huge blob of clear jelly like mucus. I had my show at 38+1 weeks though (the evening before we moved house!). I then had another the next day. However it wasn't until the next week at 39+1 my waters broke and I ended up havingy lovely baby boy.
    My MW said it's a sign things are preparing for labour, but it can still be days, or weeks before it happens.
    I hope things start for you soon, good luck and look forward to seeing you on the baby board soon!
    CG xxxx
  • I had my show at 37ish weeks and baby arrived at 39+3... It's a positive sign that things are on the move but it can still be a while as CurlyGirly said.

    Mine actually made me panic a bit as I was at work when it happened and didn't want to go into labour in front of a classroom full of kids!
  • Hi hun.. i lost my plug 1 week before i had DS. They say normally its a sign they will come within 3 days but that wasnt the case we me. I was advised to go to hopsital to get checked out as i didnt have a clue lol and that was when they told me. TMI but it was just like clear snot.

    As much as its a great show that things are moving its can still take a while, it was my sweep that got me going. Was due 06/03 had sweep 09/03 and DS was born 10/03.

    HTH x
  • I had mine about two weeks before ds arrived - i got all excited but still ended up being induced!
  • Oh, KB! How exciting! I hope all goes well. I found the TENs useful, and put mine on in quite early labour as that was what I was recommended.
    Look forward to hearing about your new arrival. Xxx
  • Aww yay! How exciting.. good luck and i hope you have your baby within the next 24 hours! Give us an update image xx
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