jayden 9months and he wears crib shoes the soft based ones but he can walk in them, when shall i put him in normal clarks shoes, he can take upto 10steps then falls.....?


  • I might be wrong but i'm pretty sure they don't recommend babies to wear 'proper' shoes until they're walking outside.
  • I don't think there's any need to have shoes until they walk outside either! I think Clarks will sell you proper walking shoes when they can walk 10 steps unaided but to be honest at ??28 per pair lasting on average 8-10 weeks - I'd hold out for as long as you can!!
  • mothercare have started doing hard-soled shoes from size 2 starting at ??10, might be worth having a look at these? xo
  • The only thing with the Mothercare ones are that they don't do width fittings and the shoes are quite wide but boots narrow!
    With first shoes I would recommend getting the ones that are the right width from Clarks. I didn't bother with cruisers or crawlers and we have wooden floors most of the way through the house - I bought Poppy some slipper socks with rubber grips on when she was learning to walk and they really helped.
  • Gabe's 10 months and doesn't own a single pair of shoes not even the soft shoes! personally I wont be buying him any till he is old enough to be walking outside! We have carpets so should be ok.
  • I was like you tigerlily -I didn't own a pair of shoes of any sort till I bought her her first pair of Clarks after she'd been walking properly for a couple of weeks!
    I hate seeing little babies feet put into shoes - they look so much cuter without!!xxx
  • Barney has soft, baby shoes to go outside in, I worry about his feet getting cold without!
    Millie had her first cruisers at about 11 months, but only because it was summer and she was doing a lot of walking outside holding peoples hands. Will probably do the same for Barney, don't see the point of spending all that money if they're not walking outside and it's got to be Clarks or Startrite for me so I know they fit properly.
  • thanks for reply

    yeh i only put jayden in shoes when were out incase his feet get cold, clarks are sooo expensive could never pay that 4 shoes! gonna get his feet measured...
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