For any mums expecting no 2 or 3 or 4 ... lol

Hey guys im now 9 weeks and already showing, i didnt show with david till i was 26 weeks properly, i kno you show earlier the 2nd time round, but everyones joking its twins... what if it is??? ahhh!!!!!!! 3 kids under a year


  • Congratulations hun. I showed at around 12-14 weeks when I was pg with no.2 & was in my maternity jeans at 10 weeks with no.3!!!

    Hilary x
  • I'm the same - was showing properly at around 12 weeks with this one, and have given in to mat clothes or jogging trousers since about 16 weeks....
    think its just because your muscles are more relaxed...

  • Try not to worry, eveyone swore i was having triplets i was that big the whole way through, you could just be having a big baby x
  • i was showing around 12 weeks with second and 10 weeks with george. It could also be where david is only a few months and your muscles are still relaxed from having him if that makes sense? xx
  • I was in maternity jeans at 12 weeks 1st time. Now I'm 7+4 with no2 and I'm currently borrowing friends jeans who are slightly bigger than me. I'm a bit superstitious about wearing mat things too early. Other than that it's my good old comfy trackies!
    I'm sure it's just relaxed muscles, or a big baby. Twins sounds quite exciting tho...............
  • thank god cheers for replies!!
  • if you check out my Molly bump picks you'll see i showed early!

    (oh and i got HUGE!!! With good reason though lol!)

  • I started showing very early with babies 2 and 3! At 11 weeks even my mw thought I was expecting twins! Luckily the 12 week scan confimed only one little baby in there! I was sure I was having twins tho! After youve had your first I think things tend to get a bit slack more quicly with your tummy! x
  • phew yeah molly did grow quickly bless her, but its all good, she came out nice and strong image
  • i am 9 +3 with 3rd baby and am in maternity so know how u feel hun!! xxx
  • my 1st i had a definate bump at 10 wks looked so huge by 38wks when he arrived lol. with no 2 i showed at 14 wks but got massive which explains why mai was 10lb 11 lol but with no3 luca i didnt show until 28 weeks exactly the day i got married so my nan had to sew me into my dress those who added me on fb n have seen the picks i think will agree i was mahooosive hehehe
  • Same here wit my 1st didn show until 28wks n weighd 6lbs but wit no2 startd showin at 16wks n she weighd 7.09lbs
    So it may also depend on babies weight.
  • God I hope I don't get bigger than last time!!! I was huge at the end, didn't help going almost two weeks over! xxx
  • i showed really early and had twin girls lolxx
  • I didnt really show until about 26 weeks with my first, then all of a sudden i was HUGE! We flew to dublin when i was 24 weeks and no one even noticed i was pregnant! With my second i was 'showing' at about 14 weeks but i thought this was because my tummy was still qiute round from having my first (she was 3 & 1/2 months when got pg again) it did mean i didnt have to worry about losing my baby weight tho! I'm having to work twice as hard now!
  • I showed at 24 weeks with my 1st LO, and about 16 weeks with 2nd. Neither of them were that big 8lbs 3oz and 8lb 6oz, but with Jack (My 2nd LO)towards the end, people commented that was I have twins.

  • Hey congrats on pg

    Just to say if it is twins you will be fine (and pls join us in the twins forum)

    I had a slightly bigger gap and had three under 18 months, but Soda on twins had a smaller gap.

    Good luck looking forward to hearing about the scan

    take care

  • congrats x
    on my first 26 weeks and i started to show, second was 16 - 18 weeks and this time im dreading it only just back into a size 12, was nearly a 10 but hey ho, back to being a pudding again lol. Ifi found out it was twins my oh would poop his pants already have a 5 year old n 7 month
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