Banish the excess?

Are we still doing it, i wasnt sure as today is wed and there dosnt seem to be a post.


  • Hi,
    Well I'm still here and we do do it on a Wed. Have lost none but put none on. Normally that would be ok but this is the 3rd week in a row. So have ordered me workout DVD's so by next week fingers crossed something will have shifted-even if it's a pound or 2! Hope everyone else is doing better! x
  • well i have lost 4lb and 6oz this week
  • I've lost 1lb in 2 weeks..............better than nothing but i'm jealous that my dh lost 6lbs!!
  • Well done you two that's fab-am green with envy but once I'm doing Davina the pounds will lobing themselves off me!! x
  • Hi Ladies- scales say I've lost 2lb but I actually feel fatter. Went for a run last Wed and ached until Sunday! Hope the snow goes soon otherwise I can't get out again.
    SB - have you really got 6st to lose? If so then I think you should recruit SBjr and MrSB as it will need a family effort - Sending lots of fat melting thoughts your way xxxx
  • How about we all sign up for our local race for life??? 3 miles I think?
  • yup I have just under 6st to lose to get back to when I was happiest with my size - wanna be a 10-12 again image

    Takers is also on WW with me and wants to lose 2.5st, which he'll do no problem

    SBJr is being very supportive and has said he will try not to complain about too much veg for dinner :lol:

    i know how you feel babe i meed to loose 5 stone now, as i have lost a stone already. i also want to get back down to a 10 - 12 which is what i was before i had justin
  • I've just signed up for the race for life in Aberystwyth 17th May. 5km- can walk, jog whatever so think it is excellent way of getting fit & helping the charity. Anyone joining me???
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